LA – I Was Born With Headphones Attached To My Earlobes


Saw this over at Dramatic Annie’s and I don’t know how I’ve been getting by without this song in my life. It’s great. It’s late, and I can’t/don’t really want to find information about LA, the artist who made this gem. It’s not such a great name to google for some quick info or a pic, so I chose the literal route. It’s a tight song though, and I think it has the kind of appeal that will get hip hop heads to dig it as well as indie kids. And check out Dramatic Annie’s. She’s got very good taste in music.

Oh shit, apparently I was so out of it when I posted this that I put up a zshare link to the picture of the woman with headphones attached to her earlobe. Haha, is that not what you guys wanted? My bad, here is the song.

LA – I Was Born With Headphones Attached To My Earlobes

  • Dramatic Annie

    I use MP3 Tag – it’s a program you can get from Basically you just change the external tags of the song and change the cover to whatever image you want. It’s a great way to promote your blog because when people download it to their Zune/iPod your blog image is on there….let me know if you need anything else and thanks for the write up ;)

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