New! Chris Brown, Alfamega, Whole Wheat Bread and Lil Jon


Here’s a few new songs for Sunday.

Sidenote: Does anyone know why there are so many pictures of Lil Jon with the Stanley Cup? Google it. He’s got it in his car, in his home, outside, in various public places. No idea. Maybe he just likes it because it looks like a giant pimp cup.

Chris Brown – What It Do
Alfamega – Na Nu
Whole Wheat Bread ft. Lil Jon – Ghost Muzik (Prod. Lil Jon)

  • Tomi

    because he is a close friend of Kari Lehtonen who won the Stanley Cup one year..

  • Confusion

    nice thanks for the info

  • Karen Perez

    i love hip-hop and r&b that is why i love Chris Brown. he is also kind of sexy too just like 50 cent.

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