Unreleased! Modest Mouse – "White Lies, Yellow Teeth" and "Calculus Teeth" and Modest Mouse + Lil Wayne! AND "Fly Trapped In A Jar"!


I randomly got a craving for some Modest Mouse, so I figured maybe you did too. Modest Mouse is one of those bands that I’ve had trouble coming to terms with over the years. When I discovered them, I loved them. 2000’s The Moon and Antarctica was my shit. I felt like I was on the same wavelength as them, and that dull, purplish album stayed in my Jeep’s CD player for weeks at a time.

By the time Good News for People Who Love Bad News came out in 2004, I was barely interested. Admittedly, part of it was due to their success. It was like one of my most cherished secrets had been discovered by every little douche bag in the neighborhood and spread around like a stolen porno mag. “Float On” whored it up on television, radio, and compilations until it finally found itself sandwiched between Keane and Maroon 5 on carelessly crafted mix CDs. I never bought that album, although I drunkenly fell in love with “Float On” years later, forgiving it for what it had done like it was an old girlfriend who had been unfaithful. I don’t care how played out it is. It’s a great fucking song.

Next up was We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, and by this time my feelings had changed again. I had made amends with Modest Mouse, and I was over the whole ‘success=bad’ issue. (I know it’s hard to share your favorite shit, but don’t be selfish. Modest Mouse is good for the kids.) Isaac Brock is still one of the best front men out. The addition of Johnny Marr was one of the best moves possible, and somehow, through all this silly bullshit, Modest Mouse has maintained whatever it was that made me fall in love with them in the first place.

So that’s where I’m at. I love Modest Mouse, but I’ll always have a weird lingering feeling. I know there are people out there who jumped on the bandwagon when “Float On” came out, and they are probably better fans than I have been, but they have no idea how much that band’s music meant to people like me years before. Lame, right? But I think a lot of people have felt that way at some point. I’m just happy that after it all, the music wins. Modest Mouse makes great music, and I’m glad that people enjoy it.

Wow. Didn’t intend to write this much about Modest Mouse. Here’s what you came for.

Modest Mouse – White Lies, Yellow Teeth
Modest Mouse – Calculus Man (Unreleased)
Modest Mouse + Lil’ Wayne – Fire It Up (Hood Internet)
Modest Mouse – Fly Trapped In A Jar (One of my favorites from We Were Dead…)

  • Anonymous

    Very nice post. Fun to read! Thanks for sharing. ;)

  • Ben

    Snap! I feel exactly the same about Modest Mouse – except I only discovered them after I listened to We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank because of ‘Float On’. I hated them because everyone else loved them.

    After Johnny Marr joined them I decided to finally give them a go, and it was worth it; We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank is one of my all-time faves.

    Isn’t it strange how music s-knobs (me included) will hate on anything too popular?

  • Confusion

    Haha yes. It’s a tendency I’ve been trying to break for years. It’s kind of cool when your favorite band gets some attention but it also spoils a lot of the freshness. We Were Dead is definitely a great album. I think Johnny Marr fits in perfectly. Can’t wait to see what MM does next.

  • Anonymous

    Have you heard that song by Charles Hamilton where he samples a line from one of Modest Mouse’s songs? It’s off one of his mixtapes. If you like Charles Hamilton and Modest Mouse you’ll probably like this song.

  • Confusion

    sorry to get back so late, but i just saw your comment, and yeah…its dope

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  • CFK87

    Good post. I googled white lies yellow teeth because my old computer took a shit and it had that song downloaded. I want it on my new computer because it is a favorite of mine.

    I get this post. Not because of MM, I was a fan long before Moon came out. I am guessing you are about 25-30 years old. I say this because I turned 34 today. When I was seventeen similar thoughts went through my head. Punk was getting popular and I hated it. A few years earlier I was into Pennywise, Greenday , Offspring and others. Hell in 92 I saw The Offspring open for pennywise at a club that holds about two hundred and it cost 8 bucks. Fugazi was five.

    Well in mid 94 punk rock hit the mainstream, and I had kind of lost intrest. My friends and I were really getting into post hardcore indie rock, and thumbed our nose at modern punk rock. I remember a drunken high school party night when my friend Jason and I sharpied up his Pennywise shirt he had gotten at a show a couple years earlier, and ripped an Offspring sticker off my trucks window. Three Mile pilot, Unwound and Fugazi were so much cooler.

    Well I still hold those bands in high regard, but I also still love Pennywise. At about age 23 I got over the whole I found them first, now you like them so I hate them complex. Good music is good music. I don’t own the song, but if I’ma Be comes on I’m not changing the station.

    In all realty it is such a young minds complex. You discovered The Moon and Antartica and thought it was all yours. Actually they already had a couple great albums out that thousands of fans loved. They had allready toured the country and beyond. There were kids in Japan that adored that music long before you. I had alredy seen them a couple times. I saw Ugly Casanova before the record came out.

    Point is I’m no cooler than you, and you’re no cooler than that douche Magent Trunks who’s first exposure was Float on. It seems you get it. I guess what I’m saying is I really agree with what you had to say.

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