Lil Wayne ft. Kevin Rudolf – Hot Revolver (No Tags, CDQ)

LILWAYNEguitar3 Lil Wayne ft. Kevin Rudolf   Hot Revolver (No Tags, CDQ)
Here it is again, finally in CDQ and without any DJ tags. We now know that it’s Kevin Rudolf doing the singing. The more I hear this song, the more I’m liking it. Still not sure about a whole album of Weezy rock, but I’m gonna keep an open mind for now and wait to hear more off of Rebirth before I talk shit or praise. Credit to NahRight.

Sidenote: For all the regular readers of this blog who are not fans of Wayne, I’m sorry. I can’t help it. The man is prolific.

Lil Wayne ft. Kevin Rudolf – Hot Revolver (Final version, No tags, CDQ)

  • Troy Lightfoot

    hey he really is becoming the prince of the rap generation with the amount of songs he is making. i don’t know if anyone will write as much as prince but weezy is trying. have to give this one a few listens.

    also, i updated my blog quite a bit layout wise. i think it’s much better. just need to add some nice visuals and i think i will be done! well setting it up at least. let me know what you think so far if you have a minute. thanks man.


  • Troy Lightfoot

    ok after listening to it.. the autotune is fukin crazy. i am fine with autotune and the effect but that is overkill! it sounds good when t pain and kanye use it i think. oh and cher…

  • Confusion

    Yeah I prefer Weezy without the autotune but I don't really mind it. And Cher…no. Haha but your site looks great. Feel free to take whatever you want from P&P. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    F*ck all yall sayin this isnt the jam right now