New! MF DOOM – "Ballskin"


Hell yeah. New MF DOOM. Word is that Born Into This coming in October 2009. Don’t like DOOM? You’re worthless. Big thanks to smokeYYY.

MF DOOM – Ballskin

Update: By request, I’m trying this out instead of just zshare. What do you think?

MF DOOM – Ballskin

  • Andrew Kenyon

    Can you start uploading on something besides zSHARE? I have an adblocker so I’m not able to access files on that site. Thanks for having such a great blog though.

  • Confusion

    I’ll look into it. I know some sites offer songs on like 4 different hosts but that would take a long ass time for me to upload a song 4 times. Maybe there’s some quick way i don’t know.

  • Confusion

    There’s a lot of bullshit that goes with picking a host. If I was a big enough blog I wouldn’t care, but I’m still growing, so it’s important for me to be listed on networks. Most networks pick up zshare because they can automatically extract the mp3 info from it. So if I switch to Sharebee or something I’ll be on my own.

    I’m gonna work on finding a solution, but if I can’t… sorry man. Maybe you can tell your adblocker to allow zshare?

  • mike

    Sharebee is notorious for having false links and spyware on it. I’ve had my browser crash and had spyware on my computer at least 5 or 6 times from going to that site. You can add an exception in an adblocker for zshare pretty easily, stick with that.

  • Big Rils

    If it works for you, divshare is by far the best hosting site. Less bullshit, easier to upload to, allows you to create embeddable playlists.

    It’s far superior and equally free. Or you can upgrade for like $.75 per month and cut out the ads all together. Up to you though.

  • Confusion

    ill check it out thanks

  • Johnny The Anomaly™

    Dope as fuck..good look on these

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