Ryan Leslie – Gibberish


Not something I would normally listen to, but Modi turned me on to this, and once I listened to it all the way through I fell for it. So check it out. I know what you might think at first: “Ryan Leslie, kinda mediocre R&B, autotune = played out, I don’t understand what he’s saying”. Yeah, I know. Me too. But after 4 minutes and 20 seconds (ha!) this was my shit.

Ryan Leslie – Gibberish

  • Anonymous

    I like it. I was soo confused when started doing Gibberish, then i realized the song title.

  • AkidNamedLaVish

    Ryan Leslie is one of the illest, straight up.

  • e.jay

    I really like Ryan Leslie, despite his questionable choice to align himself with Cassie. He’s a real Talent, capital T.

    Thanks for showing love on my blog even if you could care less about women’s fashion, lol. You’re my go-to guy for new music, and you are more objective than some music bloggers. Keep it up!

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