Kid Cudi – "Dat New New" (Original and Remix)


The VIKING remix of Kid Cudi’s “Dat New New” has been spreading like wildfire, but I’m not sure why. To me, the original is sick and the remix is a giant leap in the wrong direction. Seems like they might just be jumping on the “let’s turn a Kid Cudi song into an electronic dance track” bandwagon. Obviously some people are enjoying it though. What do you think?

Kid Cudi – Dat New New

Kid Cudi – Dat New New (Viking Remix)

  • Anonymous

    Original by far

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. But sick anyways i think.

  • Rogo

    the remix gives it that more unique sound that a lot of people who dont like rap originally would get into

  • NellyD

    I like the original better

  • Wattx

    The remix made me puke .

  • Nyz

    you’re right about the bandwagon-i hate it

  • marissa

    i like the original by far! it has i great flow and dose not sound fake. i personaly think the remix would make it on the radio because most popular music now a days is all techno but this song it great how it was. i think the reson why some people like the remix more is because its more up beat and makes a good “party song” there are pros and cons to the remix; first it messed with the song and this is frustrating. second of all it made the song more popular and made people check out the original version. you could look down upon it or you could use it as inspiration! but stick to your type of music. its original and thats why people like you

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