Kid Cudi – "The Prayer" + Band Of Horses – "Funeral"

kidcudi Kid Cudi   "The Prayer" + Band Of Horses   "Funeral"
The other day someone requested a post with the samples from A Kid Named Cudi. Maybe eventually I’ll put the time into a post like that, but for now this should suffice. I did a post on these two a while ago, but it’s time for a re-up. “The Prayer” has become one of my favorite songs on the mixtape, and it seems to be appropriate in the wake of Cudder’s recent announcement. So check it out, “The Prayer” and the song it samples “Funeral”. Both great.

I’ve seen a lot of unexpected reactions to Cudi’s retirement announcement. Some people (no names) have even gone so far as to call him a little bitch. I don’t understand that. I mean, I get that he’s in a position that a lot of people would love to be in, but everyone deals with shit differently. If fame is not what he wants, and he thinks being in the music industry is having a negative effect on his life, then why the fuck would he keep doing it? What he chooses to do with his life is up to him. We’ve all seen how fame can really fuck up peoples’ lives. And it’s funny to laugh at when you see it all over TMZ but you gotta remember that these are people, some of them may even be “normal” people. I think it’s weird when fans start getting some sense of entitlement, like something is owed to them. I don’t know, thoughts?

So all the while ’til I’m gone make my words important so If I slip away,
if I die today the last thing you remember won’t

Be about some apple bottom jeans with the boots with the fur

Baby how I dream of being free since my birth

Cursed but the demons I confronted would disperse

Have you ever heard of some shit so real

Beyond from the heart, from the soul you can feel

And if I die before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take

But please don’t cry, just know that I have made these songs for you

And if I die before I wake I pray the lord my soul to take

‘Cuz I’m ready for the funeral

Kid Cudi – The Prayer

Band Of Horses – Funeral

  • Jaxisity

    Yea man, everyone is a normal person before “fame.” Cudi is a perfect example, and fame isnt for everyone i guess. I love Cudi, i was disappointed to hear that he didn’t want to keep doing his thing, but i thought about it and it is his choice/life/ whatever.
    Man is just real, people need to understand that he is going to do something that is going to make him happy. End of my story on here.

  • Anonymous

    I think some people may have called him a bitch because he needs to learn how to handle his biz. You find somethin your good at and can make mad money doing, you take that oppotunity and learn to deal with it. If fame really cahnges u that much then u must not be a strong person in my opinion.

  • Jim

    Its not about him changing. Its about him not being able to live the lifestyle he wants. Theres a lot of shit that comes along with bein a famous musician and not everybody wants that.

  • goose

    i enjoy cudis music alot. i mean for ppl to take it overboard and call him a “little bitch”? come on now. goin out of line shows a persons innerself, thier immaturity and how they can’t handle cudi’s retirement. i mean, for a fan to say that is just stupid. but if you aren’t a fan and you say stuff like that, then your just a “hater” with no life. -goose, mark

  • Jaxisity

    Anonymous, how can you say that he needs to change? He is going to be himself and if he doesn’t want fame they he doesnt want it. I think he is a strong dude for saying he doesnt want to put out cds anymore.

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