Do’s and Don’ts To Getting Your Music Posted On Blogs


I read this article over at TJ’s spot today about getting your music posted at music blogs. Since I know some artists come through P&P from time to time, I wanted to take a minute to add to this list of Do’s and Don’ts from the perspective of a music blogger. From what I’ve experienced, there are a lot of good people in this music blogging world, but I’ve seen how frustrated artists get with us. I’ve even seen artists go so far as to diss music blogs on tracks for not posting their shit. If you’re an artist and you hate music bloggers, you’re doing it wrong. Either your music sucks, or you’ve got to take a new approach, because we’re not all assholes ignoring you for no reason. If you’re interested, read on for the list.


  1. When you’re sending out an email, include a couple of tracks, a picture, any links you want included, and some info. This makes it very easy to do a quick post without digging through your MySpace for pictures and background information.
  2. Send MP3’s only. You can do this by including direct links, links to file sharing sites like Usershare or Mediafire, or attaching the files. Nobody wants your .wav files.
  3. Tess mentioned this in the original article, but I want to emphasize the importance: Make your email as personal as possible. Try to compliment the blog, and thank them for taking the time to check out the music. Emails can look personal even if you’re sending them out to hundreds of blogs. Which leads me to my next Do.
  4. Use the BCC function! If you don’t know what this is, look it up. Exposing your entire list of contacts in an email is a bad look.
  5. Ask for feedback, positive or negative. This takes the pressure off the blogger and shows them some respect for their taste instead of just demanding or begging for a post.


  1. Don’t submit your music on Twitter. 95% of bloggers will ignore you unless they already know who you are. Personally, it doesn’t bother me when artists try this (Twitter me!), but for some reason it seems to really piss a lot of bloggers off.
  2. Don’t act like you’re doing people a favor by sending them your music, e.g., “Thank me later! Hot new exclusive smash hit from Lil’ Crusha for you to post on your blog!” Being humble pays. If you’re honest about trying to get your music heard, most of us will be more inclined to want to help out.
  3. Chances are bloggers aren’t going to have a chance to listen to everything you send, so don’t send everything you do. You don’t want our introduction to you to be a recording of you freestyling to “Paper Planes” in your car or you and your band covering “Freebird” in your grandma’s basement.
  4. Don’t forget to say “Thank You”. It may seem unnecessary, and maybe it is, but everyone likes to be thanked, even bloggers.
  5. Don’t be too pushy. There’s a fine line between being persistent and being annoying, but once you cross that line you’ll find your emails in the trash/spam folders. There’s nothing wrong with following up (once, maybe twice), but eventually you should just move on. There are plenty of other blogs.

Keep in mind, music bloggers get a lot of submissions and it’s impossible to listen to all the music available to us. Following these rules should give you a much better chance of getting heard and developing a good relationship with some people who can help spread the word. And remember, if we don’t post your music, that doesn’t make us assholes, asshole.

If anyone has anything I missed, feel free to add it into the comments.

  • Management (Ivan Ibarra)

    Hey, good list Confusion, (or is it really con fusion?)I’m sure a lot of people appreciate this read. As far as people submitting to bloggers, its good to know what we’re doing right/wrong. Thanks man.

    Ivan Ibarra

  • lil crusha


  • Confusion

    @Ibarra It’s Confusion. Con Fusion only when I’m required to enter a first and last name.

    @lil crusha bahahahaha you just made me lol for real. Classic comment.

  • Confusion

    Also just realized that your link actually leads to a MySpace haha no offense to the real Lil Crusha. The real Lil Crusha has never contacted me. I just made that name up.

  • thedopeness

    hey confusion, i’ve never sent you anything but i’m just curious. how often do you actually post something someone just sends you out of the blue?

  • mike

    hahaha that lilcrusha comment is epic

  • Confusion

    @thedopeness It depends on the week, but I’d say it probably averages 1 or 2 a week. But that’s just “out of the blue”. Lots of artists keep in touch that I’ve posted before and they’ll send me stuff on a regular basis and I’ll post what I really like.

  • FreeWeezy

    I have to imagine Lilcrush has emailed you at least 10,000 times

  • TC

    I can’t tell if Ill Crusha is kidding or not. I kind of hope he is because if he is it just made my day, but then again if he isn’t kidding its still fucking hilarious.

  • Will

    Great post Confusion. I have my own set of rules too. I think I will create my own set of do’s/don’ts in the future. We should make an ultimate list haha.

  • Karen

    Great job P&P.

    A couple of things I would add, at least for submissions to Indie Rock Cafe:

    1. Please send MP3 links, not attachments, whenever possible. It takes too much time to download, upload, host and link to MP3 attachments. Upload a valid .mp3 file to your server or get from your label or promoter. Not only does it make it easy for others to share, it is much more likely to be published because it is so easy to post. Also, it provides the band, promoters, labels valuable website statistics on how many people are listening to their songs and from which blogs.

    2. Please do not send MediaFire, Sendspace, Rapidshare links. We personally do not encourage using these illegit (in our view) file-sharing sites, and again, it requires too much work to download and then upload an MP3.

    3. Always include the month, day and year of a song and the EP or LP title. It’s amazing how often this critical information is not provided.

    4. When a blogger posts your .mp3 link of your song(s), please be kind enough to share a link to that post (rather than the main homepage) on your band, PR or label website, on Twitter, FaceBook and wherever else. This not only helps legitimize the blogger (and kind of return the favor), it also provides valuable stats on which posts are most popular, and can help determine future decisions on what to cover and what not to.


  • Confusion

    Haha yes definitely. A master list of rules might cut down on all the horrible emails

  • Confusion

    @Karen Yeah that last one is definitely a huge DO. Indie Rock Cafe is awesome by the way, thanks for stopping by!

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  • reupvick

    great write up!

  • Lion El Aton

    I sent an email to Pigeons and Planes with music a few days back. I hope this post isn’t addressing me. If so, I sincerely apologize for any rules I may have broken.

  • Karen Atanacio

    Hi just came across your blog and been reading some of your posts and just wondering why you selected a WordPress blog dont you find it hard to do anything with? Been thinking about starting one.

  • Watch Shrek

    I usually don’t leave comments on articles, but your post encouraged me to applaud your efforts. Thank you for writing this, I’ll make sure to favorite this site and check in every now and then. Happy blogging.

  • rapidshare

    “The real Lil Crusha has never contacted me” – exactly what I thought

  • Confusion

    Blogger is much easier, but WordPress is much better. It looks better, it’s more customizable, more secure, etc. But yes, I found it very hard. For the first few weeks I was constantly seeking help.

    But I’m also not very experienced with a lot of this technical stuff.

  • Confusion

    What’s that supposed to mean? I just made up the name Lil Crusha as a joke. I didn’t know there was a real Lil Crusha.

  • Aubree Sutton

    Merci pour ce tres bon article. J’espere que d’autres suivront.

  • Cletus Godyn

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    excellent post. to be honest i am not sure i got it completely. but, wanted to chip in and leave a comment anyway. are you a writer by vocation?, because your posts are really good.

  • Confusion

    Thanks, that means a lot. No, I’m not a writer by vocation, it’s just something I’ve always enjoyed and I try to incorporate it into this blog as much as I can. Sometimes I’m so stuck in my own head that I’m not sure how it comes across to other people, but I’m glad you liked the post.

  • Ronda Ringman

    Llegué a tu blog de casualidad y descubrí bastantes cosas interesantes. Ya llevo un rato navegando por aquí. Ahora te añado a mi lector RSS. Si estás aburrido, date una vuelta por mi blog. Abrazo!

  • Gizmo

    Hey Confusion, a couple questions: when an email is sent to you as a request to post music, but hasn’t been posted, how long should one wait before following up? And if a follow up is made, does that gaurantee a response from you? Secondly, if one does manage to get a post from you, how would they know when it’s up?

    Awesome site by the way!

  • Confusion

    I get a lot of emails so I can’t ever guarantee to respond, but I try to respond to as many emails as possible, especially when I’m interested in the material. I would wait 3 days to a week before following up. Usually if I post something from an email I’ll write back and send a link so you know when it goes up.

  • Leticia Graen

    I don’t think they start dying, instead just out of the blue one day when you plug it in and it doesn’t get hot that’s obviously when it died. Two of my past hair straighteners died and both just stopped working one day when I went to plug them in. If that’s happened with yours try hitting the reset button first, sometimes that’s all it needs, if not then it’s probably dead. If it’s making noises or sparking get rid of it it’s ruined and/or probably dangerous.


    Being personal is a major thing for me. Those that say “Dear blogger” piss me off! I also dislike emails from people that clearly haven’t ever read the site. Send me something relevant or that you think I’d genuinely like please.

    I don’t mind links to download the mp3, as we have to appreciate being given the free music. It’s a privileged not a rite.

    Biographical info is also good, but it’s so often a load of PR fluff that it’s unusable anyways. It would be useful if they just stick to the facts regarding biographical stuff. However, I always head off and research anyone I blog about as I don’t just wanna write what every other blog has covered.

    I dunno if you’ve noticed this too, but I’m getting more and more mp3’s sent as a Soundcloud link, that’s non-downloadable, for streaming on the blog. It’s record labels new way of avoiding you giving away music, which although is understandable, is ignoring the fact that I’d like the mp3 to keep and won’t give it away if they simply ask me. We are offering free coverage!

    Love your blog by the way and I’m pleased it’s doing so well on our Best Blogs of 2010 post.

    Lastly, do you have a spam filter on here? Looks like a couple of spam-like comments got approved (unless I missed the point of the hair straighteners comment? lol)

    Mike Recommender

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  • Toby Catton

    Hi Con, i have been to Pigs And Plans on and off for like 3 years, and i gotta say this is one of the most well written and mostly fair posts i have seen in a while and its not even to do with music. i kind of thought you had a vendetta against me so im not here to post music, just to apologize.. i dont know if anyone has faced up to doing this in the past since this post but i know i certainly have – iv had comments deleted and what not, the whole shabang! silly me. this was great – not gonna lark on about my music, but i do want to send you an email regarding your posts, so lets hope this gets read!

  • SpaceGang

    Eye opening, Love wat you got going on here!

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  • Nick Carefoot

    Yo can I send you my mixtape bruh?

  • mcantonym

    Thank you for sharing this info! It can get quite frustrating not getting any response from blogs so I understand if some people lose patience. Thankfully I never did.
    Don’t be surprised when I tweet you with a song. You asked for it! xD

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