NinjaSonik – "All Our Friends" and "Shoot The Lazer"


I’ve heard the name NinjaSonik before, but I don’t know if I ever really gave them a chance. Then I read this: They have an artist/punk (who summons ODB), a rapper, and a DJ/producer called TEEN WOLF in the group. And just like that, I’m on board.

NinjaSonik has a debut album coming out on MIA’s fiance’s label GreenOwl Records on everyone’s favorite holiday, 4/20. Their sound is raw, wild, sloppy, and as energizing as that 50/50 Red Bull and Vodka at 4AM that you’ll definitely regret when you wake up at 6AM to puke in the bathtub. “All Our Friends” samples Matt & Kim and “Shoot The Lazer” starts with that classic Lion King opening that we all like to belt out from time to time and then veers off the cliff, turns on the rocket boosters, and takes the fuck off in the opposite direction. Check them out, these guys are definitely on their 2010.

NinjaSonik – All Our Friends | YouSendIt

NinjaSonik – Shoot The Lazer | YouSendIt


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