Broken Bells – "The Mall & Misery"


Lead singer of The Shins and the musical stylings of Danger Mouse? You knew it was going to be good. But still, crazy things happen when expectations are built, and 55% of all big name collaborative albums end up as disappointments. I’m so glad Broken Bells hasn’t let us down. The album will be out on Tuesday. Here’s the awesome album closer. Thanks to Will.

Broken Bells – The Mall & Misery | YouSendIt


    This track, the high road, vaporize, and the ghost inside are all simply amazing. This collaboration was definitely and awesome idea. Im glad Mercer still plans on working with the shins though, despite his overwhelming modesty in this article: hahaha

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  • pippokolores

    Is this not the track that leaked as ‘october’ way earlier?


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