Justin Taylor – The Prequel


In case that new Fab mixtape isn’t doing it for you, here’s something from the opposite end of the spectrum. This is the latest project from Justin Taylor called The Prequel. It’s a mix of spacey sing-alongs, hip-hop infused indie rock sounds, and honest verses. Check it out below.

Justin Taylor – The Prequel (Full)

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  • mark

    the albums alright.. not worth the download

  • Dane Michael

    If Kid Cudi busted a nut onto a record, this is what it would sound like….really?!?!

  • Ryan

    what the hell does that even mean Dane Michael?

  • Jason

    this shit is actually pretty legit. I like.

  • Anthony

    yo man i listened to the mixtape… im pretty impressed, i see potential son

  • Jacks

    Damn. This tape has some dope beats. The lyrics are complete garbage though. Where’d he record this shit? In his closet?

  • Justin

    wow…i honestly appreciate all the love, and appreciate the hating even more.

  • Ty Kwon DOUGH

    I wouldn’t call it hate, but I downloaded because I usually like what Confusion puts up but this isn’t one of them.
    Flow is off first hand and secondly you should’ve developed your skills more before releasing this.
    And, influenced by CuDi (on the singing) just a tad bit too much.
    Call it hate but that is just my 2 cents.

  • matt

    when are rappers going to stop calling criticism “hate” and realize that everything negative said about what they do is not a personal attack. It’s a critique of a work of (sometimes attempted) art. The genre needs to grow up and start treating songs as individual entities of art rather than extensions of emcees’ personalities.

    Critics, by the same token, should start treating them more that way. They, myself included, sometimes allow this idea to perpetuate by making statements about the music that really sound more like assessments of how cool the music makes the artist given their personality(ies) and their various associations (or as Carles would say their “brand”). Who gives a fuck if the rapper came from bronx or columbia? Evaluate the music!

    Sorry for the rant, had that one floating in me for a while. I think the first two tracks of this mixtape are the strongest. The flow on the first tracks is really the only place where Taylor sounds confident in the music

  • phil

    Lmao I love how this kid thinks it’s hate when we clearly aren’t “hating” on them. I mean the beats are sick… Prop to whoever produced the song. It’s the voice that kills most of the songs. honestly, there are a couple of good lines but other than that, not a big fan. The flow to the beats on the mixtspe is the worst. I can’t stand listening to a rapper who cannot flow and frankly this is one of them. Shit sounds like a poor version of kid cudi.

  • Ty Kwon DOUGH

    and the cover is a little douche-y.

  • Justin

    critique…hate, call it what you will. the mixtape probably wouldnt have 475+ if it was as attrocious as the 3 or 4 of you in these comments are saying it is. that’s just common sense people

  • Justin

    and to even classify me as an ignorant rapper who thinks everyone is hating on him is ridiculous. its easy to spot the difference between hate and critique. for example, “the cover is douche-y” is not critique whatsoever and really is as pointless a comment as possible. the rest of the “critiquing”, calling the singing terrible and awful is not critique. Just sayin.

  • matt

    justin, you’re last comment is on point, and I agree with you. That’s why I included that second paragraph.

  • Justin

    No doubt matt, I wouldn’t call “hate” if people were constructive in their criticism. If you knew me then you’d know I invite criticism because all I’m trying to do is get better. But pointless hate isn’t going to help me get better. Just ask Confusion, he’s been giving me the right kind of criticism for a few months now and I would like to think he saw me get better in that time. Obviously I feel that he did see me get better because he felt obliged to put up this mixtape.

  • matt

    and that’s why I read this blog

  • Ty Kwon DOUGH

    My first comment “you should’ve developed your flow a bit more” was a critique.
    Second comment about the cover, (i.e. the pic with the glasses and hat) still looks douche-y. That is opinion and would deter me from downloading on any other site besides Pigeons and Planes.

    If you can’t handle your music being critiqued then you will never progress. calling it “hate” isn’t being open minded and thinking too highly of oneself. that is all. good luck kid.

  • Jacks

    Yeah, I agree the covert comment was more “hate” than “critique,” but Ty was on point about the flow comment. Also, as a listener, I can tell that you laid most of this stuff down on a setup that greatly reduces the audio quality, which makes it harder to get into.

  • Jacks


  • Justin

    Like Arnold…I’ll be back. That is all.

  • YouNeeK


    Haha nah Justin is my broski an tha mixtape was decent just needs time.. That’s all. <3

  • terrell

    nope.. not feeling it at all. beats are legit though.

  • kLDN

    do NOT want.

  • Dev

    pretty good…
    best songs are cream of the crop,dont hate me, glenwood
    not sure where your going with Im running
    and maybe you should get autotune.. or get a better studio next time.. it would deff be 10 times hotter
    but its mad good…keep doin what you doin

  • Boons

    heres my 2 cents even though no one posted here in a while but Im avoiding my paper so yeah.

    JT’s flow needs smoothing out, his rhetoric needs less pop culture reference’s for the time being [till he hits it big, which is guaranteed ;)] and his cudi influence is very apparent but is sure to fall away once his (artistic) voice develops into his style.

    on the positive side-art is all about idea’s. and JT has the right ideas. I know the man, his background, and his artistic values, and I can say with confidence that his ideas are to the tune of those rappers who want to transcend the ignorance that has become synonymous with most of the pop artists of today.

    Hold on to those ideas brother, and keep them growing. Don’t forget where you came from, what you love, and what you hate. You have good sense. Keep that behind your music and it’s very unlikely for you to go anywhere but up.

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