B.o.B – "Not Lost" ft. T.I.


Today is a rough day for me. Between running multiple regressions all day for a project and spending hours staring at this M.I.A. wiggle picture, trying to understand what’s happening, my brain is wandering. Now this collabo has me wondering why B.o.B’s name doesn’t have a “.” at the end of it and T.I.’s does. I swear, I fall somewhere on the autism spectrum.

This is a collaboration between two Atlanta representatives that didn’t make it to B.o.B’s The Adventures of Bobby Ray, out April 27th, because of sample clearance issues. Credit to Shake for posting. It’s a shame that this couldn’t get cleared, because it’s a dope song. Plus, I don’t even recognize the sample, do you?

Edit: So this sample is from Coldplay’s “Lost”. I guess I should have known that. For someone that listens to so much music, it’s surprising how little I know about some of the most popular music. I couldn’t name 3 Coldplay songs if you paid me. “Clocks”… that’s all I got. It’s not that I don’t like them…I just never got into it. Weird.

B.o.B – Not Lost (ft. T.I.) | YouSendIt

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  • Matt

    this sample is from that coldplay song lost

  • yo

    kinda funny, chris martin is the last person in the world that deserves to give any grief over a sample..

  • http://www.hilkoo.com robin


    i remember trying to get into Coldplay when i was younger just becauase anyone and everyone cool in the industry mentions them

  • Camp Lo Fan

    @confusion no worries, Im not a coldplay fan either but Ive heard in B.o.B. interviews that he is a big fan. But the lost sample is old to me. Joe Budden did it, Jay-Z had a mash up live with it. I don’t want to come off always so anti-bobby ray but Im not even the least bit excited for the album anymore

  • Laptop LaSane

    Where is the M.I.A. picture?

  • silk

    great post. really funny and a good find. thanks!

  • http://jordan3-2-none.deviantart.com/ Astroblack

    I’m a huge hip hop head but I actually prefer the orig :/

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