Jay Electronica ft Diddy – "The Ghost of Christopher Wallace"


Whoa. Jay Elec channeling the Biggie energy? Honestly, I’ve always thought Jay Electronica was hyped up beyond what he’s proven via his rare flashes of brilliance. But even with the Diddy adlibs, this one goes. Jay said he got this beat by going on iChat and asking people to send him beats. He got it, liked it, called Diddy, and (obviously) @iamdiddy was on some “WE LOCKED IN! LETS GO! IMA GET ON THIS ONE! LETS HIT THE STUDIO!” Propers to RR.

This is unfinished, so we’ll see what it turns into. Thoughts on Jay seem to range from “He’s the best in the game right now” to “Who is Jay Electronica?” How do you guys feel about him?

Jay Electronica ft Diddy – The Ghost of Christopher Wallace | YouSendIt

  • J Money

    I love him and have listened to everything he’s ever done. Some of my fav songs are “Uzi weighs a ton,” “Trolley Stop,” and some others I can’t think of right now without having itunes in front of me.

  • iCod

    yeah, this definitely isn’t the final product. Diddy didn’t ramble enough at the end…
    Jay’s my favorite “new” artist. I feel like he’s a slightly more accessible, though no less fantastical, Aesop Rock. His raps are dense and he tends towards less conventional instrumentals. on “the pledge,” he goes in on the score from “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.” His content is far more intellectual than standard party/coke retailing/fellatio receiving raps. No one else references Kurt Cobain and kurt vonnegut in his raps, and gets bangers from just blaze, AND gets a cosign from Diddy (side note: I’d love to hear diddy ad lib on the Vonnegut references, like, “I DON”T READ BOOKS!”). I don’t think his album will be a commercial success (which is why the diddy co-sign puzzles me), but it’ll be classic.

  • http://mookiethedope.com Mookie

    I cut out diddy’s ramblings at the end of this track, if you want that version grab it over here: http://www.mookiethedope.com/2010/04/ghost-of-christopher-wallace-jay.html

    Shout out to Confusion, P&P is a daily visit for me.

  • Journey Brave

    Big shouts to Jay Electronica and Quincey Tones for creating a great tribute to B.I.G. Consider this a tribute to a tribute. I did this to reinforce the reality that Hip-Hop is alive, music is just so manufactured and processed that it’s hard to find that organic sound . It seems like you need a big powerful machine to be heard. Thanks again to Jay Electronica for staying true to the art and giving emcees like me hope. Check it out, I promise I won’t disappoint ” The Ghost of Christopher Wallace pt.2″ http://twiturm.com/0uxbs

  • Alallstar

    I’ve only heard his Eternal Sunshine work, Exhibit A/C, and this track, so maybe I haven’t heard enough to judge, but while all those tracks seem pretty good, none are as amazing as I was expecting. Yes, I know that was a poorly written sentence.

    I think he’s done a great job of building hype and mystique behind who he is, but he hasn’t exhibited the skills(at least as a rapper) to meet the hype.

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