Marky – "Full Clip" (RIP Guru)


Ever since I heard “Rasta Monsta”, it’s been DC emcee Marky all day. If he’s not on your list of up and coming rappers, your list of up and coming rappers sucks. Rip it up. Set it on fire. He’s been as consistent at making good music as Firefox has been at “not responding”.  Here he is going in over the classic “Full Clip” instrumental from Gang Starr. Before I downloaded this, I was thinking that he should replace that “Big L, rest in peace” with “Guru, rest in peace”. Great minds think alike. Grab his EP here.

I was already planning to do this beat.. then the unthinkable happened. R.I.P Guru!

I felt like it was only right to pay homage and talk some sh** at the sametime!

Marky – Full Clip | YouSendIt

  • Can’t Get Right

    Decided to listen since this is the first tribute to Guru and partially since my list of upcoming rappers sucks apparently haha. Dude is nice, has a real hip hop thing going on.

  • TC

    Firefox doesn’t respond all day erryday

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