Necro – "asBESTos"


I don’t do this often, but I’m just gonna go ahead and put this out there – if you have any questions in your mind as to whether or not you should check this out based on the description below, then you should skip it.

Necro is sick. But he’s also sick. As a producer, he’s got that raw sound that helped break Cage with records like “Agent Orange” and he’s also put in work recently on Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. 2. There’s no denying his talent, but his content choice is not for everyone. Actually, it’s not for most people. I’ve always dug his production, but I can’t get into stuff as twisted as this. I’d call it shock-rap, but Necro has been getting off on this shit for over 20 years, and I’m convinced that he’s not trying to shock anyone.

Necro creates the most extreme brand of hardcore hip-hop available. It’s violent, explicit, insane and at times, pornographic. The music is mental (psychological) but also insane (psycho) and intelligent (logical), hence Psycho+Logical-Records. Launching his label in Nov. 1999 with five albums – I Need Drugs, Gory Days, The Pre-Fix For Death, The Sexorcist and Death Rap – it is rap at its most brutal. With DIE!, that is exactly what fans will get and more. Slated for release May 18th via Psycho+Logical-Records / RBC / Fontana, Necro’s 6th solo album is the ultimate in his self-made genre of hardcore hip-hop.

Necro – asBESTos

  • Camp Lo Fan

    I had an old friend back in high school who loved Necro. He’s just not my thing. Too intense

  • Confusion

    Yeah, I can’t relate to Necro on any level and I’m not into it. I just kinda wanted to put it out there for people to see that it exists.

  • Buddy Blank

    I completely agree. He’s good, but there’s no connection. Can’t relate to this at all.

  • camp Lo Fan

    haha I feel everybody needs to hear him once in their life though just to say they have

  • Pat

    I used to be into Necro when I was younger. Guess I felt cool with the whole shock rap thing. I can’t relate now but I still dig his production. SOOO sick.

  • Hay Z

    I feel violated. Deleted the song after ripping the beat from its nasty, dirty claws.

  • martin

    you could literraly say that Hip-Hop is dead/death (he makes deathrap.. lol) But lets be serious. I do not dig this at all..

  • Soul

    “i cant relate to it” – can you relate to fictional movies you watch?

    you’re all a bunch of douchebags with no imagination

  • Confusion

    Yeah, usually people can relate to fictional movies on some level. You’re kind of right, some movies are just meant to entertain, and in some ways I guess listening to Necro is like watching a horror movie. But I still don’t want to listen to Necro talking about shooting girls in the tits. It’s not that I can’t imagine what it’s like to shoot a girl in the tits. There’s just other stuff I’d rather use my imagination for.

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  • Matt

    even if it’s fictional movies, there’s things in them movies that people can easily relate.

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