Flo Rida ft. Lil Wayne – “Fresh I Stay” (Part 2)


Here’s a track from Flo Rida’s upcoming album The Only One. Credit to YK. As you may have guessed, I’m in it for the Weezy. From now on, I’m gonna include a #FreeWeezy every time I post about him until he’s free. Right? Right. Jailing Lil Wayne is like caging a unicorn.

[wpaudio url=”http://www.box.net/shared/static/3905fxekz1.mp3″ text=”Flo Rida – Fresh I Stay (Part 2) (Feat Lil Wayne)” dl=”http://www.box.net/shared/static/3905fxekz1.mp3″]

  • Brooks

    I’d say jailing Lil Wayne is like jailing a god-awful rapper who’s nothing but a cracked-out criminal… but that’s just me. (I wish Drake would go in with him)

    There I said it, hate me

  • Jay

    “Ballin like when britney cut her hair, i cut the checks”
    -Flo Rida

    wow…pretty terrible lol

  • Confusion

    Take it back.

  • jeremy

    how do you download these types of files on a mac?

  • Confusion

    I don’t have a mac, but you should be able to right click and save as. I keep getting this question from some people, but other people with macs have said it works just fine. What is going on?

  • Nisha

    Did you just compare Wayne to a mystical creature? lmao.

  • draketw

    “we are not the same….”

  • http://www.twitter.com/raphaelrj2 Raphael RJ2 Of GRAMMY AWARD WINNING Beats How U Want Em

    Flo Rida ft. Lil Wayne “Fresh I Stay″ Prod By:Raphael RJ2 Of Grammy Award Winning “Beats How U Want Em”
    Same team that did “Misunderstood” Off the Lil Wayne Carter 3 Album
    Follow on twitter @raphaelrj2 & @rodnae318

  • Sebastian

    why change the original chorrus….??

  • chris

    doesn’t work on my mac

  • Confusion

    Let me know how it doesn’t work. People keep saying that. There is a way to right click (or something equivalent) on Macs right? Right click it and save the file. I know that if you click it regularly you get taken to a stream page.

  • andrew

    Just go the website http://www.hear-it-first.net and download it there.

  • Dan

    I’m on a mac and downloading works fine. Weird.

  • Matt

    For macs just hit the play button and when the hyperlinked word “download” appears, just press control and click.

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