New! Drake Ft. Alicia Keys – “Fireworks”


Drake has been performing this joint on his tour (can’t remember the name of the tour right now). You might’ve seen videos of him performing this joint a few times. Well here is the CDQ version of the song. And it features Alicia Keys on chorus! I’m definitely digging this track!! This is the intro to his *Thank Me Later* LP.

*TML* – June 15th.


Here’s a little video of Drake talking about holding down Young Money while Weezy is behind bars.

  • IK

    eh. i heard this was going to be amazing, its decent i think.

  • Frank Ramz

    I like what he’s talking about & overall I like the song. But it’s not amazing at all. I don’t think any of the songs I’ve/we’ve heard thus far off of this album are amazing. Seems like he’s going to do what Trey did, cause his Anticipation mixtape was better than his Ready album. So Far Gone should’ve been the album.

  • Christopher Columbus

    not the final version

  • Jas

    I think the link’s dead

  • Greg

    i heard Thank Me Later leaked but i can’t find it…

  • santa

    it hasn’t leaked yet. there’s a few sites claiming to have listened to copies of it ( but it’s nowhere to be found via lots of google searching

  • Layla Cook

    Alicia Keys has a crystal clear voice that sounds beautifully,,*

  • Jose Perez

    the voice of alicia keys is simply phenomenal and it is one of a kind`;-

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