Reinvention – "Forgot" (ft. Florence and the Machine)


Been waiting for a minute to introduce these guys to you. Reinvention. If you’re sitting around waiting for another Das EFX, Nas, or Mobb Deep to emerge, claiming that hip-hop is dead and holding on with all your might to dusty loops and boom-bap beats, you’re getting lapped by the new guys.

There will always be a place for that classic hip-hop sound, but don’t try to resist change. Right now, hip-hop is growing at exponential rates. We all love the James Brown samples, but Florence and the Machine? Yeah, you can feel things shifting right? Just try to keep swimming, or you’re going to start to sink.

We’re DJ Entendu and Classic, and together we make up Reinvention. Reinvention is a two-piece experimental hip-hop outlet from Drexel University, founded just a few months ago in the same studios that spawned Chiddy Bang. We blend influences from indie rock and electronica with more traditional hip-hop music and try to make huge bangers that can appeal to anybody from a dancing fiend to a top-down, wind-in-your-hair, cross-country roadtripper.

Reinvention – Forgot ft. Florence and the Machine | YouSendIt


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  • Brendan

    Weak. Florence is so amazing, if you’re gonna flip a sample of her do it better. The only thing I like about this song is the concept.

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  • Minja

    GRRR usershare has those annoying automatically playing commercials that won’t let me stream. anyone else having this problem??

  • Confusion

    Yeah the ads on Usershare are annoying. I won’t be using it anymore starting very soon.

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  • Jamar

    Wow. Way to bite Chiddy Bang’s style exactly. Like piece for piece. The whole point is to do something different.. flow is aiight but the beat sounds like.. needs some work..

  • MdlFngr

    How can you be f***ing stupid and arrogant enough to dare to say that you’re changing Hip-Hop or challenging any kind of paradigm of music then why the hell would you copy a band from your own university point for point? And then have the nerve to do it incredibly worse? If there’s any potential here it doesn’t show it and you kind of pissed me off today Pigeon and Planes for saying that this is pushing music at all. Defanately lost cred for me as a blog overall.

  • Dan

    Chiddy has better beats, rhymes, and samples. Does this even qualify as a sample? Bullshit PnP, bullshit.

  • Confusion

    Whoa @MidlFnger – I’m not saying that Reinvention is changing music. I am saying that they are part of a new wave of hip-hop artists that look further than simplistic jazz, soul, and funk loops to make beats. That’s all. Things are shifting and new acts are popping up that are influenced by indie rock, pop, and electro as much or more than they are by classic hip hop sounds.

    Chiddy Bang is one of the frontrunners in this wave, but they aren’t the only ones doing it, they aren’t the first ones to do it, and they will not be the last ones to do it. I understand why you’d be mad if you think these guys are biting Chiddy. That’s a different issue.

  • Professor

    I love the sample & the mellow, sexy feel. The rapping is average; I mean it is solid but it’s also a bit uptight. I’d like to see that synth-y baseline get a bit dirtier as well. Pretty great for a couple college kids.

  • The UnCool

    This blog is awesome. Just thought you should know.

  • Confusion

    baaahhaha thank you! That’s the boost I needed after MdlFnger hurt my feelings with his/her harsh words.

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  • Miles

    yeah yo fuck it good music is good music regardless of biting anyone’s style. IMO

  • Temi

    This is okay, but it’s not quite up to Chiddy Bang’s level, as a lot of people have (forcefully) pointed out.
    I think that all that this should really serve to highlight is how legit and talented Xaphoon Jones actually is because while his bread and butter is sampling, he manages to put his signature on it so that you ALWAYS know it’s a Xaphoon track. Chiddy’s flow is kind of the business also, but XJ is a force to be reckoned with.

    But all that aside, I get what you were trying to say about a new direction in hip hop, instead of Mos Def sampling Aretha, you have Drake sampling Lykke Li, and that difference also reflects how eclectic hip hop fans are becoming…

  • Andy

    I think the track is dope. MdlFnger is absolutely ridiculous. Sorry if the track didn’t appeal to you, but this is Confusion’s blog, not yours. And since your probably some 16 year old writing this from your familys computer, I don’t think anyone cares if P&P lost any “cred” from you. Anyway, I dig the track a lot, although it does seem a bit rough. I heard the Grizzly Bear remix these two did a while back and that was really dope too, and the quality was a little better. I’m looking forward to the mixtape!

  • Confusion

    @Temi well put.

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  • Classic

    Thanks for the love and the hate. Both arguments are greatly aappreciated. Keep them coming tho lol.

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  • aisha

    damn no where on this page did they say hey”im tryna be like chiddy bang…they said chiddy bang spawned from the same studio…learn how to read before you post your uneducated opinion people…smh….btw…i love it classic keep up the good work :)


    hahaha, my little plan succeeded. For those of you who don’t know I’m the other half of Reinvention, I produce all the beats. The whole idea with releasing this as the first single was we’d put this out because I used the same synth in this song that xaphoon uses in almost every chiddy song. Since were from the same area, recorded in the same studios, we put this song out first basically to ride Chiddy’s hype. Wait til the full mixtape drops, we got some shit on there that sounds nothing like this. Think a B.I.G. beat but with samples from the Appleseed Cast. Or a chopped sample from Thrice’s Water EP with a electro beat. Yeah, were about to get eclectic on yo asses. Peace.

    P.S. Check and go to the music downloads section to hear another song off the mixtape called “Talkin’ Bout Us”, exclusively on our site.

  • ultimelpis

    “Think a B.I.G. beat but with samples from the Appleseed Cast. Or a chopped sample from Thrice’s Water EP with a electro beat. Yeah, were about to get eclectic on yo asses.”

    Wait, what?

    If ya gonna mess with Thrice, do it well (and it better be Digital Sea, cos that is a wicked beat)!

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