New! M.I.A. – “Steppin’ Up”


New joint from M.I.A. called “Steppin’ Up”. This shit is pretty damn sick!! Might be a joint off of her upcoming */\/\/\Y/\* album. What is that by the way?

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”M.I.A. – Steppin Up” dl=”″]

  • blikrophiliac
  • Frank Ramz

    Ahh ok. I see it now, it’s real name. Cool

  • blikrophiliac

    Yeh thinkin about it, its kinda dope. Shit leaked too.

  • Nisha

    It’s Maya, but it’s written like that too seem more unique or something. Probably just M.I.A. trying to be a nonconformist. The song is off the new album, and is actually one of the few decent tracks. As a whole, the album is pretty bad. It leaked a couple of days ago.

  • Cliche Gahvara

    You can’t base quality on a 128 leak…

  • random

    yeah, its Maya..M.I.A’s real name

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