Video! Pill – “On Da Korner”


Here’s Pill’s latest video from the Drama mixtape 1140: The Overdose. Directed by Motion Family, it’s more of those graphic, drug-heavy visuals that we’ve come to expect from Pill. Unlike a lot of the music that deals with this type of content, Pill comes across as intelligent and he’s a captivating, intense dude with more than vacancy behind his eyes. I approve, what do you think?

  • Finn

    I agree… This is legit

  • buckyh

    way legit.

  • RJay

    shit was tooo dope, and how bout a download of some of this guys stuff? he’s been mentioned a few times now and you haven’t dropped a link yet

  • Confusion

    I think that post has at least one song. I’ll put up DLs in the future. You should be able to find 1140: The Overdose

  • Wufgunner

    i don’t think i’m listening to the same rapper. all he’s doing is the same old coke dealer rap.

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