Charles Hamilton – Tafietu (Album)


Apparently this album was going to be his major label debut.  Thanks to DDotOmen. I am still downloading so I haven’t listened yet, but I’m interested. Charles has been through a lot (he recently was in a mental hospital), but what do you expect from a guy obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog and the color pink? I still think he’s got incredible potential, and I hope it’s realized eventually.

Charles Hamilton – TAFIETU: Usershare | ZShare

And here is some more unreleased material from his Interscope days.

Charles Hamilton – Grow Wing Pains

  • SpenceTuck

    i thought “This Perfect Life” was his Interscope album…

  • Confusion

    Yeah I don’t know. I said apparently because that’s what I keep reading, but who knows. If anyone has more info on this feel free to leave it in the comments section.

  • ivan ibarra

    man this guy is a huge question mark. mental hospital? confusion do you have info for that?

  • Confusion

    Just Google it. I think I read on on Charles’ blog a while back but yeah it’s all over the place.

  • heha

    someone needs to get him some less annoying beats.
    they make me want to not listen to the song

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