Mr. Hudson – “Angel Eyes”


Here’s a new Mr. Hudson track courtesy of Perajok. I’m loving the beat on this one. Something about it is unsettling/menacing, and it fits perfectly with Mr. Hudson‘s sad clown lyrics.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Mr. Hudson – Angel Eyes” dl=””]

  • Anonymous

    can someone tell me who the heck perajok is?

  • Confusion

    Perajok is a Russian MTV VJ, and a Kanye fan who started a big Kanye blog. You can read about her here:

  • cromix

    No, it really isn’t courtesy of Perajok. It’s a very special courtesy of Mr Hudson HIMSELF. He released via his Twitter (@mrhudson) for his 50k follower! >_<

  • NatiOne24

    Nice cover song. It is dying to be remixed though. Someone has a cold verse they want to add on to this.

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