Fall Back: A Pigeons and Planes Mix


Last week we gave you Kill You, a mix that was full of mostly hip-hop. I made this one for a couple of friends and decided to share. It’s hip-hop free and full of indie/pop songs to help get Fall, my favorite season, started off right. Enjoy.

PS: I apologize for the artwork. I still use Paint. If anyone wants to lend their Photoshop skills to make new art or to volunteer for future projects, feel free to email me. Update: Thanks to FreshbornGold for the artwork!

DOWNLOAD: Fall Back: A Pigeons and Planes Mix | Mediafire

  • nealsred

    personally I love the throwback paint artwork

  • Confusion

    haha thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/stlbrick brick

    yeah artwork looks sick

    looks like a solid mix.. great start for the fall.

    oh my god is right there w/ go outside as far as the cults go

    also the drums, their slow jam but a great choice, esp as a later slow-down track for the mix

    and that radical face cat is pretty great

    i like what yr werkin with

  • I’ll Wait

    that pigeons eye is good and messed up.
    this is dope shit too thanks man

  • http://ridethetempo.com Tiana Feng

    pigeon on drugs

  • Mrc

    Great mix, keep these commin’!!!

  • schmeeds

    good mix

  • jack

    shout out to Merg.

  • http://www.highsocietyproduce.com Ross

    Everyone who reads this site needs to download this ASAP!! Every song on here is amazing and you guys have done it again–I especially like the emphasis on indie. Seriously, this is a must have and you’d be kidding yourself if you have read this blog for a while and didn’t like these songs. Well done!!

  • frogs&helicopters

    Con, the artwork’s smooth as eggs man. How’d you do the Fall Back/ Bird Outline logo?

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