Incomparable Shakespeare – 4.0 (Four Point Oh)


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A far cry from the track he dropped last week (check it at the bottom), here’s the latest from Incomparable Shakespeare – a soulful, upbeat jam that celebrates being different and pokes fun at the state of the industry.

A couple years ago, I was being courted by a bunch of major labels which culminated with a deal on Universal. Before landing the deal, I’d have meetings with A&R’s who would be like, “you’re dope, but we don’t know what to do with you”. All the while I’d be balancing schoolwork and hustling music. Although things didn’t pan out as I wished, I learned that the industry’s business model is built on competition, not innovation. So instead of chasing the status quo, I began to really embrace the things that made me different. Although I’m 2 years removed from it, graduating Summa Cum Laude is one such thing. So while we often hear about drug dealers, grandiose living or rappers dropping out, I’m the proud graduate!

How you market a rapper with a 4.0?

DOWNLOAD: Incomparable Shakespeare – 4.0 (Four Point Oh) | Mediafire

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  • joey

    A&R’s are jokes.

    the same way orbitz has made travel agents obsolete, the internet (or any music distribution program) has made record labels and A&R’s obsolete.

    if you don’t realize that, then you are retarded and are chasing a false dream.

    artists need to hook up with marketers. simple as that. no labels needed.

  • Confusion

    It’s still very hard to become a superstar without a major label. You can get your music heard, but without the backing of a major you’re not gonna be all over TV, going platinum, etc.

  • frogs&helicopters

    what a viiiibe! So clean and focused… reminds me… of… Kaaaanye?! haha

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