Lil B’s Most Ridiculous Tweet Ever


Lil B calls himself a pretty bitch and a princess. He regularly compares himself to Jesus and God and he’s constantly talking about having hoes on his dick for various reasons (such as looking like their father, looking like Jesus, looking like Marilyn Manson, etc.) It’s pretty hard at this point to imagine Lil B saying anything that is controversial. Then he went and Tweeted this…

Say what you will about Lil B, but he’s pretty good at getting attention. This is clearly another way to do that, and it seems to be working. But is this taking things too far? Way too far?


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  • Frank Ramz

    So him saying ‘hoes on my dick cause I look like Jesus’ isn’t taking things too far already?

  • Confusion

    Good point.

  • Darealclassic

    He’s outta control. And he must be stopped……lol

  • Nats

    That just proves that Kanye is bigger than Jesus.

  • eMac

    All I can say is…xxl 2011 freshman class

  • TC

    I don’t think this is ridiculous at all. Lil’ B is simply making a creative proposal to another artist with a little incentive on the side… that incentive being not getting fucked in the ass.

  • Confusion


  • J Taylor

    TC’s comment for comment of the year.

  • Confusion

    haha agreed. Good one, TC

  • Ashin’ Kusher

    haha I love how this gets its own post

  • management

    naw it’s not going too far. and don’t put jesus on a pedestal. yes..he’s the basis of a religion, but not everyone believes in religion so it’s no big deal. it’s no worse than parody videos

    the tweet is pretty hilarious

  • Gabe Stark

    lmao TC is crazy

  • Jamie

    Who is this inbreed?

  • frogs&helicopters

    so thaaaat’s what Kanye is running from in Runaway. Lil B bum bum love.

  • Uy

    …And people thought Kanye was a Gayfish. SMH.

  • Jei

    BUT Kayne isn’t going to work with him so he CAN take it up the bumbum. So Kayne IS a Gayfish.

  • Joe John

    Oh my god! base god! Lil B is a pretty boy. Oh my god. I hope ray lewis does em both in the ass

  • bhenry

    kanye has to weigh both options fairly. if he collabs with the best rapper of the 21st centry, he will miss out on the cock of a diety

  • frogs&helicopters

    I love how this is one of the most popular posts of the month

    Everybody’s hopping on this one like the G.O.O.D. Music crew

    P.O.O.P. Jokes Crew

  • Confusion

    Haha I didn’t realize it but this post is just one big set up for a bunch of jokes. I don’t mind it. Good comments!

  • Daniel

    So I guess this is Lil B’s “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.

  • Mag

    yo, the way i see it, lil b just set himself up for the biggest failure in the world
    but after I saw that runaway video, I bet kanye’s inner 5 year old would jump at a chance to work with lil b.

  • Scarz

    every time i see this posted on twitter, i get happy all over again..u cant knock the dudes hustle, goin at kanye with an ultimatum like that..”bling bling bling suck my dick in the bentley” Lil B

  • Frank Ramz

    Even if you ignore the ‘Jesus’ line. He’s still a self proclaimed princess & pretty bitch. Don’t call him homo off of this comment and not those!

  • Click Clack

    “Let that boy Grandma cook.” –Lil B

    Enough said. Seriously what else is there to say. Simply put he is the man.

  • Ty

    Lil B is a saint! Hoes are on his dick because he looks like Matlock, J.K Rowling, Paris Hilton, and Jesus! And because he’s white like Asher Roth! LIL B FOR PRESIDENT 2012!!!!

  • XXX

    LOLLLLL. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but music aside, I think I can’t help but be a fan of Lil’ B in the genre of Hip-Hop characters.

  • bgrad

    Kanye responds “Thats all you had to say in the first place!”

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