New! Bugatti Boyz – “Fountainbleu”


This is one smooth track. There’s one thing I like about Ross, and that is he has a great ear for choosing beats! & you can expect to hear Diddy talking a little bit of shit at the end of this joint as well.

Bugatti Boyz – “Fountainbleu” | Mediafire

  • I’ll Wait

    Diddy is beyond corny to me. he talks on that beat for a minute and a half about absolutley nothing. 5 million in cash on the bed for no reason, my bitches money wrestling not mud wrestling, money wrestling. the fuck are you doing!? rap!! he sssssucks.

  • XXX

    ^^ Lol. I was just gonna say that. Diddy isn’t fooling anybody, it’s like he’s trying so hard to sound dumb and ignorant (to blend in I guess with much of todays crop), that it ain’t even believable coming from him.

    That “talk” at the end was so dumb it did get me laughing while smh. I wonder if these dudes ever listen to their records in a sober mind after recording? Diddy could have saved the song from the drivel at the end.

  • frogs&helicopters



    Lol at diddy saying some shit like people talking shit but they ain’t talking that fly shit.

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