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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Photo Credit: Brad Klemmer

Polaroid was out at Virgin Free Fest in Columbia, MD  a couple weeks back and had their team shoot a bunch of the headliners with their 300 Instant Camera. They used the polaroid pictures to put together collages that convey a pretty intimate side of the musicians just before they were preparing to go on stage. Check out their collage of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros above. For more on Polaroid, check out their Facebook or the new Polaroid website.

To celebrate the greatness of Polaroid pics, we’ll be giving one P&P reader a Polaroid 300 Instant Camera and one pack of film!

polaroid 499x462 Contest! Polaroid Camera/Film Giveaway!

Two ways to enter (feel free to do both):

1) Follow me on Twitter, then tweet the following: “I want to win a @Polaroid camera from @PigsAndPlans! RT to enter!”


2) Leave a comment on this post or on Facebook and tell me about the best photo you’ve ever taken.

  • Kenny P

    one of my friends playing indoor soccer in black and white….i caught him with his leg just about to strike the soccer ball… twas ill

  • David

    Jumping shot of Brandon Flowers at the killers concert. outdoors Osheaga 08

  • Katie Issaquah

    I have have a beautiful shot of my son jumping/running over the beach with a sand pail and shovel in hand. Joy captured forever.

  • http://Twitter.com/standupfalldown Dr. David Robinson

    The nest picture I ever took was of Robinson’s Arch in the Old City in Jerusalem. The photo caught the top of the tour guide’s head and the sky was insanely blue. Sadly, both the photo and the negative were lost in a flood back in ’94.

  • DOM

    If you like simple beauty I have a fantastic closeup shot of a Red Tulip with dew drops on the petals.

  • logik

    I took a black and white stop action photo of a friend jumping over a trashcan and pointing towards the camera. Till this day it’s still one of my favorites and he also gave it to his grandma for Christmas haha.

  • Brian

    I took an awesome picture of my dog once.

  • http://www.moskbeats.blogspot.com mosk beats

    Sorry, thats cool and all that you guys took pictures of flowers and black and white shit but this one time i took a picture of Snooki from the Jersey Shore and my fucking camera broke. No bullshit.

  • Mandy

    The best photo I’ve ever taken was one with myself, my mom and my 86 year old grandmother all throwing back a beer at my favorite local dive bar.

  • sam i am

    the first time me and the homies had trees back in high school.

  • Eduardo

    The best photo I ever took was a candid one of my mother looking out the window with a very pensive, yet joyous look on her face. I never got to show her the picture or ask her what she was thinking about when I took it.

  • Jesus

    well there are two of them that rank up there.
    1st I took a picture of my coworker sleeping in the middle of work (mind you he’s a middle school English teacher) his students were laughing at him. I had to snap that.

    2nd is a picture of my cousin tripping from use shrooms he had eaten. The guy was layed out face down in the middle of a busy interception in NYC. Those were some special SHROOMS.

  • Amity

    I took a picture of a flower, and a bee flew in from the side and made an amazing yellow and black streak across it. That might be my best photo…but my favorite is my one with Robin Thicke (:

  • coop

    Best picture I ever took was of the New York skyline last summer. All the lights and everything, it turned out great.

  • http://www.jamiekranig.com Jamie

    The greatest picture I have ever taken was actually with my Polaroid Spectra two years ago, on the fourth of July.
    I used a filter that extended the rays of the setting sun right before the fireworks, and as soon as I took it, I knew that it would be the greatest picture I ever took!
    The rays of the sun extend the entire length of the image, symbolizing the very type of freedom that we we gathered to celebrate that night! It gives me hope and and faith in life knowing that even the most subtle of occurrences are beautiful and meaningful.
    You can see the image here:

  • Meesh

    Spring Break 2010. Picture it.

    A group of us went on a Carnival cruise that stopped in Jamaica. We spent the afternoon walking around Montego Bay, going to the beach drinkin’ our Red Stripes and naturally being asked if we wanted to buy weed by a bunch of locals We hesitated, knowing that if you get caught you are pretty fucked, but when we were getting a cab on our way back to the cruise channel we found a taxi driver who offered to give us weed and take us on a scenic drive. Of course we said yes. So, we got high and went on a glorious drive through Montego Bay. I have a DSLR and am one of those people who has my camera at all times taking pictures. On the way back I was taking pictures of people on the side of the road, and I took this epic picture of a guy walking. His form was perfect, the lighting was superb and at the time and in my high-state the picture was totally national-geographic worthy.

    In hindsight its a good picture but the real value of it is the memory of my friends and I being high as balls in Montego Bay. Same day we also found a bar called Rehab which we consequently took lots of pics in front of with our Red Strip. I can’t make this shit up.

  • CRAG

    Surprisingly, I actually took one of my favorite pictures with my iPhone. I went to the Arcade Fire concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley on October 2. The picture has everyone in the band doing their thing and playing their instruments like crazy. One guy is even holding a drum up in the air and hitting it like bobby brown hitting Whitney.

  • http://twitter.com/stlbrick brick

    best pic:
    of my lil brudda, hood up, back to camera, standing on the side of the street with his skateboard in his right hand. I used a tripod, told him to stand real still, went for the 5s exposure. it ended up turning out real nice as the lights on the street came in as well as the headlights on a few passing cars. him standing in the middle of the midnight madness.

  • claudia Davis

    My best picture has been one of my family during my dad’s surprise 80th birthday party!

  • Matt

    the best pic i’ve ever taken was of my sister looking out over a railing towards a lake and her reflection off of the varnish of the railing

  • Ben

    vomit on the elevator floor with my camera phone freshman year

  • Chad

    a picture of the pigeons and planes logo on this site.

  • andrei

    Best Polaroid picture I took was in 2002 when I was leaving Romania, and we had a huge family dinner. My brother was about to clean this giant fish we had just bought, and I told him to hold it up to the camera. As I snapped the picture, the fish started wriggling, cuz I guess it was still alive, and my brother made a grimace and freaked out. It was pretty awesome…

    the best regular pic is of me in mid air, volley kicking a soccer ball on the beach. It’s on fb for proof =p

  • Dylan

    A photo of me and a friend of my chilling on the beach in summer holidays, on my camera-phone.

  • henri

    The best photo I’ve taken was probably at a Neon Trees concert. The light was low so it blurred easy. The lead singer was shouting into the mic and looked sharp, but the light was shining on the drummer chick who was also shouting but she was blurred, but the blurred effect looked awesome. There were a lot of people holding up there arms too. It was perfect

  • topanga dan

    best photo iv taken was with my family…in bolivia…taking shots

  • txbone

    drinkin beers with my buddies

  • Henry

    I took a sweet pic a few weeks ago of a Helicopter dropping fire repelant/ water on a brush fire from the high way. It has sweet lighting on it and is slightly blurred on the edges. Really sweet pic that i captured on the spur of the moment.

  • Harrison

    I took a picture during a photo scavenger hunt in Indianapolis of me and my friends looking for a celebrity and we found a random hotel clerk who looked like Jack Bauer from 24

  • Haven

    My favorite photo I’ve taken is of my husband swinging on the beach. :)

  • http://justfloat.wordpress.com/ Brendan

    I was volunteering in Africa this summer, and one day we went to a market in Lome, Togo. Because most of the kids there had never had their picture taken they were super psyched when they saw me with a camera, and most of them would do crazy poses to get my attention. The cutest one was this boy who was about 3 years old, and he was doing these made up karate moves and I got down on the ground so I’d be at his level and the picture turned out perfectly. I kinda wish I had the instant Polaroid camera at the time so I could have given them the pictures, that would’ve been great.

  • http://www.reupspot.com reupspot

    The best picture I have ever taken was a picture of the beach shore line. Words can’t explain, you must just look.


  • http://visionedidio.blogspot.com hbenhail

    my best picture was the best picture I ever took. it was tremendously tantalizing

  • brownbear

    My best picture will be with the new Polaroid 300 Instant Camera that i will win, ill even post the picture once its taken

  • Brian

    The best picture I ever took was of a pug snowboarding

  • Diesel

    A picture of the entire crowd and the chill peppers in the distance performing at lolla a few years back

  • Ladybug

    I don’t think I can pick a “best photo,” so I’ll just pick a random one I like. Bugs on a flower, WHUT:


  • Justin

    The best picture I have taken was one of my friends and I on this little pedestrian bridge right off from where we hung out underneath a bridge on day after school. One of the best days, ever.

  • guest

    I took a picture of you confusion!! Not creepy or anythin.

  • Scott

    Al MacInnis, eating my icecream cone, NHL All Star Game 97

  • joseph

    best photo ive ever taken was probably a bathroom mirror myspace pic of me with my shirt off. <3 high school days

  • http://thisisahughes.com ahughes

    the best photo I ever took was of your baby mama on my bed… she was nakey… I still have it too.

  • Lisa G

    The best photo I have ever taken is a picture of my mom and dad just before my dad passed it is a memory I will have forever. Sadly miss him and very happy to have the photo. Another is one of the grand canyon I took last year when I went to Vegas it was incredible and another memory I am glad I have.

  • Maureen

    The best photo I have taken is when my boyfriend (now husband) and I were on a vacation and he is down by the water on the rocks in Mendocino, California. I am looking down at him.

  • Ashley K

    The best photo I’ve ever taken was a simple shot of my dogs face as he was about to go to sleep. It’s beautiful and you can just tell that he’s a happy dog :)

  • Ami

    Best photo by me: double rainbow overlooking Bali Hai, Kauai.

  • Amber

    My best photo was of my cat yawning…it wasn’t really even on purpose, it just ended up being so crisp and the cat had THE evil-est look in her eyes. Many lolcats have come from it. :)

  • Nikki

    my best photo is a picture i took in front of saint mark’s basilica last summer. it was a goal of mine to go back to italy–my mother and i were stationed there a very long time ago–and i finally got to visit the places that existed in photos and fading memories. and it’s cool because the picture from then has scaffolding around the murals and the eighties kind of bloom up in the hair styles and the length of men’s shorts. but the church is still beautiful now and the pigeons still freak me out. and maybe i’ll manage to go back one day to remember how the people might change but the city still stands there eternal.

  • chris

    I took a picture of Kanye West from his Glow in the Dark tour when his stage was elevating and the smoke was coming out from underneath him and the lights were shooting out just over his shoulders.

  • http://februarysown.blogspot.com/ peklo

    My best photo is a picture of me in front of the Great Pyramids in Egypt. I was standing in a spot trying to tell my friend where to take the shot, but she took it with my back to her. It came out perfectly.

  • Andrew

    The Singapore skyline / sunrise from the penthouse of the Four Seasons, after staying at the club until 6 in the morning toking with Diplo after his Major Lazer gig.

  • Randall Davis

    I have a picture of my friend orally raping a Tiger Woods wax dummy. It’s basically awesome.

  • Jasmine

    I dont have a camera. Plain and simple… I NEED ONE :)

  • http://heywil.tumblr.com/ WIL

    The best photo I’ve taken… I’m more of a videographer, but there’s this photo of my group of friends that I took that has yet to fail to make me happy. It’s something I’m real proud of.

  • kevin

    best photo i’ve taken was a black and white photo in the middle of an intersection in SF.

  • lexi

    The best photo I’ve ever taken would have to be one of my grandfather. he was very ill and we did not know if he was going to pull through. when he finally was able to take pictures i was so excited. he’s doing great now.

  • Cindy

    I dont have a camera. Plain and simple I wish I had one!

  • tino

    Gimmie that, that, that….

  • http://strangedayzeindeed.blogspot.com/ Debra P

    The best photo I’ve ever taken was a photo of my nephew’s first snow. He was so cute, something he’d never seen. I cherish it.

    Tweeted: @MissingLynxx

  • Lauren harris

    The best picture I have taken was of change. A multi colored leaf blowing in the clear blue sky in mid fall.

  • http://cakeblast.com Larry H.

    The best photo I have ever taken is probably of my kids – if only because I have taken so many. Here is a link to a funny pic of my youngest son that I really like. I have taken nature photos that may look better in a frame, but idk – I’m not a pro; just a guy that loves to record great life scenes with the magic of pictures.

  • Jacqueline L.

    Hmm. I’d say the best picture I’ve ever taken is a close up of my jack russel when he was a few weeks old.

  • Liang Q.

    This is a really cool camera I hope to win it. I have had my old camera its picture quality is not as good as it used to be, need a new one. so i hope i win :D

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  • http://www.fillthesky.tumblr.com Yiling

    Probably the best picture I’ve taken of the skyline in New York City.

  • Barb K

    I like taking photos it is my hobby. One of the best pictures I have ever taken. Is taking a picture of the Ozark Mountains. Coming out of Little Rock. Wonderful site.

  • http://mandybeephoto.tumblr.com Amanda B.

    One of the best pictures I’ve taken has to be this picture of raindrops on tree branches. The color contrast is….spooky but cool. This is it: http://mandybeephoto.tumblr.com/post/4271993379. Also, a lot of people think that this is one of my best photos: http://mandybeephoto.tumblr.com/post/4288063020

  • http://- Felicia Chong

    My best photo taken was a pic taken with my BFFs during graduation night. We wore our best clothes that made us feel like a fashionista that time but now we realized we are fashion terrorist. It was the last picture that we look like a kid. Brings back memories;)

  • Carla Luna

    There isn’t really (one) best picture I’ve taken. I’ve taken so many pictures of my surroundings and family and friends. So rite now my most preferred picture is of my five month old baby niece named Skye. She is my world and I would love to capture her whole child hood growing up in pictures to make a scrap book because I wish my parents had more pictures of me growing up. Hope To Win <3

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