Video! Tinie Tempah – Pass Out


Here’s the video for Tinie Tempah’s “Pass Out”. This track was already a #1 hit in the UK and word on the ‘net is that it’s going to be big in the US too. Snoop will be on the remix. Tinie Tempah is from South London and his debut album Disc-Overy is due in March 2011.

  • freshborngold

    Pretty much this song and another called frisky ( were (and maybe still are) pretty big over here! It’s such an addicting song!

  • JayTokes

    I can’t wait ’till this and Frisky hit stateside. I’ve been listening for months, and thought that Chiddy Bang’s freestyle over Pass Out might jumpstart Tinie Tempah here, but it didn’t happen.

  • Tom

    I like Chiddy Bang’s version way better.

  • spektic

    i urge the US not to accept this song. whatever you do, do not make it a hit. this is the most irritating song, with the worst thought out lyrics I’ve heard from any artist. Tinie Tempah is the soulja boy of UK rap. don’t let the accent fool you

  • Confusion

    hahaha. I could see this song getting annoying. But doesn’t he have other good songs? Is he respected in the UK as an artist?

  • Monty

    Chiddy sampling this track is the best thing that could have happened for Tinie stateside. I listened to this track a few months back, it didn’t do ish for me.

  • Mark

    He’s definitely respected as an artist over here, he was about on the grime scene and has some underground hits for a few years before he blew up and dropped the album!
    He’s already had three number one’s off the album as well as the album going number 1 so he’s doing good.
    Obviously not everyone is going to like the song but from my experience ‘Pass Out’ especially was HUGE track in the UK and it’s going to be a classic in the future.

  • inlivincolor

    i like him and the album has got some good tracks too but this is easily the best track so if you don’t like this-you’re probably not gonna like anything else he does

  • Luke

    I personally like Written in the Stars the best out of his stuff. I’ve been bumpin Pass Out for almost 8 months now here in the States. This stuff is the shit. Check out Written in the Stars though.

  • freshborngold

    spektic makes the best point actually, Tinie Tempah had a completely different flow before Pass Out or his latest album. If you are going to listen to him, you should check out some of his older stuff!

  • Herb

    This song was HUGE is the UK, other hits off the album “frisky” and ” Written in the stars” and “Miami 2 ibiza” with swedish house mafia which is quite a mixture of dance and rap. the disc- Overy has dropped about 4 weeks now, defienitly worth a buy with collaborations with Kelly Rowland and Ellie Goulding.

  • alex

    yeah this track did well on the charts in britain, in a kind of “i’ve sold out and i’m not a grime artist anymore” way, but fair enough cos they’re good pop/club songs. But confusion, i wouldn’t say he’s respected! Listen to next hype by Tempa T, now he’s respected! TEMMMMPPPPPPZZZ, ITS A PARRRR.

  • Mark

    alex: I was going to post that in the next Euro round up on here!!! Absolute banger!

  • Toby

    listen to tinie. he may write lyrics like ‘i got so many clothes i keep some in my aunts house’ but they are catchy and he deserves more recognition!

  • Toby

    plus im glad we have so many brits on p&p!!!

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