J.Cole – Home For The Holidays


We posted up J.Cole’s Friday Night Lights mixtape earlier, and I’ve only gone through it once and it’s clear that there are a lot of sick tracks but I can already tell that “Home For The Holidays”  is gonna be my shit for the next few weeks. Figured if you weren’t convinced to download the mixtape, this might help. Or it might serve as a soundtrack to your trip to wherever home is for whatever holidays you celebrate. Or it might just help you kick off the weekend. Whatever, just hit play and have a good Friday night!

  • http://musicliveshear.com/ Tom

    Uhh, yeah. OK, I’m convinced.

  • chack

    So this has literally nothing to do with this mixtape, but I was asked by someone tonight to describe what kind of music I like. And the best answer I could think of was good indie music, good hip hop and occasionally rap songs that are so shitty they’re impossible not to like (i.e. gucci/waka ha). And this is why I’ve been following P&P for over 2 years now.

    Anyway, just thought I would share that with you. This mixtape is dope too.

  • JoelWorld

    This is my favorite track as well. Truly incredible. Cole has seriously taken the next step towards his goal, good luck man keep it up.

  • cmnova

    This track and “Back to the Topic” are my favs right now (besides all the ones that peeked out ages ago). Lovin’ J.Cole

  • jon

    just saw him perform this last night in mn, dope.

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