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Well, this is a nice surprise to wake up to a Monday. Without warning, Pittsburgh DJ Girl Talk (aka Greg Gillis) made his newest album, All Day, available online as a free download this morning. If you aren’t familiar with Gillis’ work, he creates mashups by sampling hundreds of songs from every artist you’ve ever heard of (and some of you haven’t). Is it legally questionable? Yes. Is it highly entertaining? Absolutely.

The best part of having a new Girl Talk album? Trying to name all the samples that go into his mashups. Is that Birdman rapping over Arcade Fire? ODB’s classic “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” over the instrumental from Radiohead’s “Creep”? Yes, and so many more. You can head over to Wikipedia to view a list of all the songs that were used in the making of All Day.

Update: Check out a stream that breaks down every single sample as it the album streams. Really cool way to listen and learn: HERE.

DOWNLOAD: Girl Talk – All Day (Album) | Alternate Link

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  • Lisa Marie

    Download is not working…..??

  • Confusion

    Yeah not working for me either – i think it may take a while for things to settle down. There are probably way too many people trying to download at once.

  • Dag

    So over all this mashup bullshit. If he makes something of his own that doesn’t come from putting a bunch of other songs together I’ll listen to it. Bet it sounds just like is other 2? 3? albums. Mashups need to die! Make real music people…quit stealing other artists work….putting it all together and think you’re making something new. Learn how to sample and make a beat.

  • BrentonRULES

    @Dag, you have to consider that if Gillis’ albums all sound similar, then all pop music is similar. Hence the point of Girl Talk.

  • Brick

    Nice to meet your acquaintance, Max.

    @Dag Mashups can be fun in small doses. I prefer something more like Biggie vs The xx aka Notorious xx, that shit is sick. I’m not as a big of a fan of the girl talk type stuff, just mashing together whatever he can. Lots of time and effort on a production that seems less than average, and more all over the place like math metal made from the top40 list. Though he is fun live. But I mean, certainly no Madlib we’re dealing with here.

  • Brick


    pop music being similar = girl talk albums being similar
    reflexive property (restated)

    I understand the need to defend the mashups… just not this stuff. And are you saying that the point of Girl Talk is to be simliar to pop music?

  • Dag

    @BrentonRULES @Brick

    Don’t get me wrong, I love a good mashup every now and then, but Girl Talk is always the same. No variety, just blending different songs together to make one. As for your comment @BrentonRULES, I really don’t know what you’re getting at. Pop is a music genre. Of course it is going to sound similar.

  • somajuicebox

    yo pretty sure that was ODB’s “classic Shimmy Shimmy Ya.”

    just sayin’

  • Alallstar

    I gotta agree, I don’t see much appeal in Girl Talk either. I absolutely love mashups too. Girl Talk’s just don’t seem to work to me. I’ve only heard 3 of Brenton’s (Ambien, That Tree, and Thats All), and all 3 of those are sick beyond belief. I feel like you need to have ADD to enjoy Girl Talk.

  • brooksdj7

    Yea I’m going to disagree with a lot of you. I love Girltalk because its cool music to throw on for some background music if you have people over and are just chilling or if you are boozing at a rager. its music that is constantly changing and is fun to listen to. The songs have a full range of genres in one track, and usually its music that get me pumped up. I guess that’s why Girltalk is my go to music when I’m going for a run. All in all it just boils down to everyone has different tastes and this won’t be for everyone.

  • William features a reliable download link, an early review and a comprehensive sample list for the album.

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