Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna – Fly

nickirihanna1 500x375 Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna   Fly

Two island girls turned stars. Question of the night: Who would you rather? Nicki Minaj or Rihanna?

Damn, did I just cancel out that whole empowering message of the song with my picture/post combo? Sorry, ladies. Pink Friday out November 22nd. Credit to Punchbowl Blog.

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  • sTuckBeats

    Rihanna. All day.
    Literally all day.

  • blas

    one night stand? Nicki… to cook me dinner? Rihanna

  • Qtip

    Rihanna hands down

  • McDome

    Nicki. She’d do baddd things

  • frogs&helicopters

    Minaj a troiiiiis??

    too fitting.

  • Daniel

    One night I’d go for Nicki Minaj for sure. I mean I didn’t even know that was a question. Marriage material? Rihanna.

  • tetetotete
  • Ignorance

    neither, both look like fatties 2 me

  • Jesusintheflesh

    Rihanna only because I am into the tall females, but they both can get it together. :)

  • Drake

    Rihanna. Any day of the week!

    a) this has nothing to with race or colour
    b) get off your high pedestal and get a sense of humour

  • bluntcity

    marry rihanna, fuck sara palin, kill nicki

  • Horny :P

    One night stand with nicki and marry rihanna. both sexy though :)

  • Matt

    grow up, if anybody’s being racially insensitive it’s you
    99% of men have this debate or a debate like this about women, black, white, latino and asian, and to single Con out as white and call him a racist just because of his ethinicity like that is truly “wack”

  • chris

    Nicki, and tetetotete thats just silly… Lets think for a second, and maybe read anything else confusion has written on here, he obviously is neither sexist or racist

  • XXX

    tetetotete: Very lame dude. And your post was far more insensitive, and demonizing…. Trying to start some mislead “race” issue. I’d call your post racist in fact. The Author was having a little fun, no need for you to dramatize it to levels of unnecessary proportions, and diss “White people” in a generalizing way.

  • Confusion


    Wow. I am truly sorry that I offended you, but I think your interpretation of this whole thing is way off. It’s a joke. Yes, maybe a bad one, and maybe an insensitive one. Both of them are really attractive, beautiful women. I’ve said it numerous times. I’ve got nothing but love for both of them.

    It has nothing to do with race. I’ve done polls on the sexiest indie rock girl featuring a bunch of white girls too. And I didn’t not show their face as a way to imply that all island girls’ asses are the same. I don’t even know where you go that from. I just thought the picture of Rihanna was hot and I went into Paint to crop it because the picture was too tall.

    So if you want to tag me as a sexist for asking readers “who would you rather” or “who is hotter” then fine, that’s a different discussion, but the post was a joke. I had no idea it was even possible to interpret things like that. Hit me up on an email if you want to talk.

  • Matt

    I don’t think nobody actually thought of it that way until you brought it up… who’s the instigator now.

  • Frank Ramz

    tetetotete can suck on it!

    I would’ve asked this same question and posted the same picture. Would that make this situation different being that I’m a black hip-hop artist? I’ve had this who’s hotter discussion with my friends btw nicki & rihanna multiple times. Not talking musically, but physically. Con respects the shit out of these two and if you really read the blog you’d know that. He may speak on tracks he doesn’t like from artists, but never disrespects the artist.

  • Matt

    wait, confusion is WHITE?

    mind = blown

  • Matt

    forgot to add this

  • Confusion

    yeah, always have been. Shout out to Poland.

  • Nona

    My main question is: why is a “joke” like this on a hip hop blog??? What does this have to do with music? What does it do besides undermine two music makers who should be taken seriously?

    Also, I don’t see the joke, since most of your commenters took your query quite seriously. (And managed to make the divide between “virgin” and “whore” even deeper in the process. i.e. “fuck nicki, marry rihanna.” Sigh.)

    Finally, has a woman besides tetetotete commented on this shit at all?

  • Confusion

    I do random posts all the time – viral videos, whatever. And I don’t just post hip-hop. It has nothing to do with music.

    Damn, I was just trying to get some discussion going about who people prefer between two beautiful women. I meant no harm or disrespect.

  • Nona

    Yup, sounds like a fascinating and worthwhile discussion. Just look at the results so far:

    “one night stand? Nicki… to cook me dinner? Rihanna.”

    “Rihanna only because I am into the tall females, but they both can get it together.”

    “neither, both look like fatties 2 me.”


  • Confusion

    Okay okay. You’ve got a point with that one. I didn’t put much thought into it, and maybe I encouraged sexism to some degree. I should be careful with that.

  • Nick

    I hate people who have a voice on the internet sometimes…..we love you confusion dont let two people try to ruin a harmless joke, and yeah, I know girls who were talking about who they would fuck too

  • Confusion

    Yeah that’s the thing about the internet – a lot of different people coming together and everyone has a voice. I know I can’t please everyone, but it also bothers me to know I offended anyone to that extent. I think the whole racist portion is way off, but I can see how it may have been sexist and encouraging of the objectification of women, and that’s not something I want to do. I have a sister and a mother. Didn’t think it would be interpreted like that, but after talking to some girls I think I was probably a little sexist on this one. Live and learn.

  • Mari

    Dude there always has to be some people who have to make everything about race.
    Everyone needs to chill, it was a simple question.

  • SuchDualities


    Oh ya, I would make sweet love to Rihanna then play never have I ever and pursue undone endeavors. #ThatIsAll

  • XXX

    I find it funny that most of these female artists sexualize themselves to a point of ASKING for this kind of attention (looking at you, Nicki). Then people, and women especially, who in fact support these artists (thus supporting the way they sexualize and promote themselves to men), get fussy when people play along with what the artists bring toward themselves?

    I’m ALL for eliminating the constant tired demeaning sexualization that goes on in Pop Music/Pop Culture…. But c’mon, let’s not pick on the people who simply take what these Artists throw at them, and play along. If you’ve got a problem, get to the root of the ’cause.