The Walkmen – Angela Surf City


Most surf music is pretty laid back – the kind of stuff that conjures up images of grainy 70’s film of bleach blonde haired Californians casually walking up and down the length of their board while flashing the shaka. I never expected New York’s The Walkmen to make surf music – they are loud, they yell, and they are the type of band that you’d probably never use the word “chill” to describe. Somehow, they pulled off the surf sound and managed to incorporate their own style. This one builds for about a minute before it breaks like a crashing wave (See what I did there? Ugh I’m corny.) Anyway, this is unexpected, but I dig it. Spotted it at The Music Ninja.

DOWNLOAD: The Walkmen – Angela Surf City

  • D Brown

    I mean, good song and all, but this is anything but new. And you description of the Walkmen is annoyingly off. “anything but chill” ?? Come on dude do some research…check out their new album before you go and bullshit your way through a description. They do make “chill” music.. case n point here:

  • Will

    You really should check out their last album, You & Me if you haven’t already. It has a lot of the same elements as “Angela Surf City” and the rest of Lisbon. Both are top notch albums.

    If you like this song, you’ll love You & Me.

  • Confusion

    @D Brown: Point taken. I haven’t listened to much of their music since years ago and this was new to me. From what I have heard, which is limited to an album I bought in college and random tracks here and there, I guess I jumped to a conclusion. I’m completely guilty of bullshitting on this one – just thought it was a cool song worth sharing.

    I’ll check out the new album.

  • GR

    Not quite a fan of their albums; too much chill for my taste. Though I have to say there best songs to date, and one of the best songs I’ve listened to this year (I was late) is “The Rat”. Instant favourite for everyone, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  • frogs&helicopters

    NEEDS to be on the Johnny Tsunami 2 Soundtrack.

    “Urchin’s motto bro, go big, or go home.”

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