The 10 Best Eminem Freestyles

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An Eminem freestyle post has long been in the works of any longtime Em fan’s head, and seeing that Eminem has been popping up a lot lately, it seems like an appropriate time to do this. When I’m looking for good YouTube videos, there are a few go-to searches that never fail: “Bob Marley interview,” “Cat Fail,” “Knockout,” and “Eminem Freestyle.”

Watching Eminem freestyle is like seeing a dog bred for fighting trapped in a corner. Maybe it has to do with his past, maybe it has to do with the fact that as a white rapper from Detroit, he’s always had a lot to prove. Or maybe it’s just an ocean of raw talent being funnelled through a microphone. Whatever it is, it’s intense. Here are the 10 best Eminem freestyles.

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  • Razakh

    iEnjoyed “Warning” i’m sure Nick Cannon liked it too.

  • SC

    The BET cypher from 2009 would be my only grip by omission. Then again when you say “10” you can’t put all of the dope Em freestyles on the web?

  • SC

    Do I trust the fact that these are actually freestyles, hell no!, but dah well.

  • rickkkk

    Must be a slow day in the music world. Eminem is the poor man’s Chingy.

  • Kelli

    @ rickkkk: poor man’s chingy?!? made me laugh but not true. hahaha

    chingy couldn’t rhyme mozarella with propeller and make it sound sick! ;)

  • Four

    chingy hahahahaha, ill definitely go with eminem

  • chimera

    he ripped the BET cypher like 2 yrs ago

  • Eric

    Jay-Z is the poor man’s Murphy Lee

  • Eric


  • Guest

    that was a song not a freestyle. retard


    This is wack the words they spiting is 4rm a sack of illuminti pack.


    I spit a verse long enough to blow this planet into ashes. I’m come around with sticks and lashes. I’m pysically mass overated mentatially ill stepping up to me. Ect. . . LITTLE EYE. . .


    Eminem Good rapper take it 4rm little eyes mouth


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  • twista

    My tongue your tastin, a quick pace and facin lyrical wastin
    Tungs’ll be cut like Jason, racin
    Tung Twista rocks, your lip’ll lock
    My tongue’ll be makin a tick tick or tick tock to Nubian hip-hop
    Flip-flopped, a flow when I wrote this
    Kickin and makin some hocus pocus, focus
    Tongue will be flippin just like this I’mma locus
    Givin a diagnosis for Twisterosis
    Crackin a mouth and them makin em ache I’mma put em up into a coma
    You’re sniffin dope aroma
    I’m blendin
    I’m able to break up a sucker that you might send in
    The funk of the lyrical rhythm beginnin
    Spinnin the suckers around like a dollar
    Be makin em holler kickin the funk of a lyrical scholar
    I pray to Allah, I’m makin this funky like I’m a hobo
    Throw better than bolo, ya thinkin that he can battle my solo
    Just say oh no cause that’s a no-no
    When I be smellin the funk of my flow, jo
    I’m pumpin this up and breakin this in with a lyrical, then say haha
    Take titles, then say ta-ta
    I’m rippin a rap and then rockin a rhythm and ring in my tongue I’mma bend em
    And flow with a lyric it’s steppin inside em

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