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Yo. So since this isn’t really a “dance music” blog, but I know some of you guys are interested in some fr33ky ass jams so I’m just gonna throw up a couple at a time every now and then, and maybe make it a regular thing like Ramz’ dope R&B Sessions. These are just a few tracks I’ve been feeling over the past week or so. Download and tear shit up after the jump, and holla if you think any of these tracks are worthy of an individual post.

First up, Egyptrixx.  Dude is phenomenal and signed to the most ridiculously awesome label in the game right now – Night Slugs. Seriously check that name out because they haven’t released anything I haven’t loved.  Chrysalis Records is no exception. It’s off his debut album  “Bible Eyes,” which the internetz are all atwitter about right now.

Egyptrixx – Chrysalis Records (ft. Trust) | Mediafire

Next, we’ve got a remix of one of the biggest staples in electronic music this year.  Rusko’s “Hold On,” and the accompanying, massive, Sub Focus remix have been huge. Even fucking Sam Adams jumped on it (anyone else hate that dude?). Oliver Twizt, a Dutch producer, rips it apart here, fitting it with a bouncy synthline and a new lease on life. Shouts to Squeegie on the tip.

Rusko – Hold On (Oliver Twizt Remix) | Mediafire

Joker, my personal favorite artist in dubstep right about now, just released this last night on twitter. He followed that up by saying he was gonna release his album for free, causing me to hyperventilate for like 15 minutes, but it turns out he was lying.  This one is all complex and constantly shifting synths, not surprising coming from him, and excellent all around.

Joker & TC – IT AINT GOT A NAME | Mediafire

A lot of people have been hating on Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack after it leaked and turned out to be a soundtrack, not a new Daft Punk album. Haters. I love soundtracks.  Anyway, this Breakdown remix of Derezzed should help anyone out who wanted a full dancefloor banger out of the Tron album.

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Breakdown Remix) | Mediafire

Datsik and Bassnectar are two huge names in dubstep and they just collabbed for “YES,” which is exactly what you’d expect. Bass to your face, heavy drop. I’m getting bored of the style but this one’s still solid and will still get people going buckwild.

Bassnectar & Datsik – YES | Mediafire

  • Brooks

    Yes. I do hate Sam Adams.

    Also, spectacular post

  • Mic

    Midas, I like the mix. Not too euro-pop dance, more of a heavier deadmau5 feel that you can jam out to. Keep em coming brother

  • hbenhail

    dubbrrs. good shit..

  • great 8

    not bad! I think this should be a regular post, like the R&B posts.

  • The OG Connection

    Yo confusion this post is beyond ill. I would love to see these dance posts as a consistent thing

  • Liz

    ooooo I would adore a regular dance music post! I love the R&B sessions and honestly my dance music is probably the only thing I am not downloading from yall currently! Much love!

  • okay

    yo man, the sub focus remix of hold on was THE only good remix of hold on, big rusko fan, but oliver twig stick branch tree remix is abit…poor

  • Confusion

    Yeahhh this was all Midas. This kid is goooood.

  • jk


  • XXX


  • Vin Detta

    EDM is on the rise. These posts are a must.


    P.S. Taylor gang or listen to Sam Adams for 5 min.

  • ETG

    please start making this a regular

  • Notimpressed

    Ok, not to be the downer here but this post is distinctly average. I loved Tron’s Daft Punk produced soundtrack, but Derezzed was my least favorite song on it, and while this remix tweaks it up a bit, its definitely nothing special.How exactly is Chrysalis a dance song? Your dubstep submissions were likewise boring and sounded like every D&B track for the past year or so. Finally,I would have to say that the Hold On remix by Sam Adams is probably the best yet. I will concede that it is one of those love it or hate it tracks.

    Sadly Midas, you are under the pretext that anything electronic must fall under dance. As a huge house fan I welcome P&Ps new dance posts, but I will say that your choices werent exactly inspired.

    I dont mean to be a prick; just thought I would share my opinion. Check out Hurts-Stay (Millions Like Us Remix)- its a recent track that you should definitely share with the P&P blogreaders.


  • Confusion


    Sorry, had to do it.

    Long live Midas.

  • Notimpressed

    Ive got huge respect for this blog so I wont take a shot at you Confusion, but I think Midas needs to up the ante if he is gonna be on par with your and Ramz’ posts.


  • Midas

    Hahah lezdothis. First, I understand that electronic music and dance music are different. But I also know not to get nitpicky in the grossly overcategorized world of electronic music – as a “house” fan you should respect that. I thought dance music post sounded better than electronic music post, that’s all.

    I’ll give you that the egyptrixx track isn’t too danceable, but his past productions and labelmates more than give credence to the fact he is a dance artist, and i still love this track. Clearly other people agree. I can get why “YES” can be said to be pretty standard dubstep, I advertised it as such, but there’s literally no way I can see the same being said about joker’s track. If you wanna let me know how you see it that way I’d be more than happy to discuss.

    Just to clear things up, I love the instrumentals on Sam Adam’s remix of Hold On. Thing is, that’s the Sub Focus remix, he’s just adding vocals. And it’s the vocals I really hate.

    And dude, the Millions Like Us Remix, while being alright, has been in my iTunes for like 3 weeks or so. And seems way more cookie-cutter dubstep than joker’s track to me. I’d have a lot more respect for your argument if your suggestion was dope.

  • Notimpressed

    First I just want to say I think its a great idea that P&P is branching out in the electronic music genre on a regular basis (fingers crossed).

    Millions Like Us is a track that I personally like, but the reason I suggested it is because to me it appealed as ‘dance track’ more than the Joker’s.

    I can completely understand people’s pov that the Sam Adams track was ruined by his vocals; it just appealed to me because it gave the track a certain twist, more so then if it was just a remix, despite the Sub Focus Remix being great.

    I will have to say though that Joker’s track was too standard. I have no qualms about the artist, and the song is by no means bad, I just don’t see how it is special compared with almost every bit of dubstep that has been put out this past year. I guess compared to YES it is excellent but it doesnt offer anything new, along with the remix of Derezzed which isnt particularly innovative either.

  • REsearch

    ^^ holy shit who cares

  • JJ

    Aaaaaand P&P has its first troll

  • QuaziDojo
  • Gabe G

    Keep iT Going!! I’d love this to be a regular!

  • LorencoBOF

    Dont touch WIKILEAKS, faked DEMOCRACY!!!
    Thank you

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