Dr. Dre ft. Eminem & Nas – Topless (Unfinished)


This one was released earlier with a T.I. verse, now here it is with an Eminem verse, in which Eminem is (seemingly, hopefully) spitting Dre’s lines. Because, you know, Dre is busy. #Family #BeatsByDre #Commercials #Weightlifting. Rumor has it that this will be on Detox, but definitely not in this form. Saw it at Prefix.

  • http://myspace.com/mindalteringdynamics Emay

    It’s not a bad song, but do I care? No Dre. I don’t.

  • lason

    Husband, who loves Dre & Em & Nas, said, “Clearly unfinished.” I said: give us the damn album already.

  • http://sunsetintherearview.com Lydia

    Dre is looking old as fuck!

  • rolwal

    detox? haha haven’t we realized theres no such thing?? however it was nice to hear Nas over some good beats again

  • hollipino


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