Eminem ft. Jazmine Sullivan – Cocaine


Three Eminem posts in a row from me. Weird. This is an unreleased (watch, somebody is going to hit the comments box on some “This isn’t unreleased – my big brother’s DJ friend from Detroit put this on a mix CD last month!”) track featuring Jazmine Sullivan on the hook. Not bad, but nothing amazing. I was half hoping that this would feature an Eric Clapton sample. Credit to HHU.

While we’re talking about Em, what is your favorite Eminem album? Maybe I’m just getting old, but I’d still take the Slim Shady LP over anything before or since.

DOWNLOAD: Eminem ft. Jazmine Sullivan – Cocaine | Mediafire

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  • wufgunner

    I would say eminem show just cause that’s the first em album I heard, but sslp is a super close 2nd.
    Em show>sslp>recovery>mmlp>relapse>encore>infinite

  • Drunk Rabbit.

    Marshall Mathers LP is a great album, maybe my most listened to album. Slim Shady is great too.

  • GabSmooth


  • http://sTuckBeats.com sTuckBeats

    Slim Shady LP is just slightly better than Marshall Mathers LP which are head and shoulders above any other Em album.

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  • http://twitter.com/LizCappon Liz

    Slim Shady LP for sure

  • Noory

    This isn’t unreleased – my big brother’s DJ friend from Detroit put this on a mix CD last month!

    Slim shady lp ftw ;)

  • Principessa

    The Marshall Mathers LP is BY FAR the BEST Eminem album ever. He topped The Slim Shady LP with it, and has never been able to top it since. That right there is pure GOLD.

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