Lykke Li – Get Some (Beck and Mike D Remixes)


Beck and Mike D both took stabs at Lykke Li‘s new song “Get Some”. It makes me kind of jealous, people taking stabs at my beautiful Lykke Li, but as a petty blogger, there is little I can do. I really dig the Beck remix and not so much the Mike D version.

Oh, and how wonderful is that picture? If anyone wants to get me a Christmas gift, just frame that. Seriously, I want that framed and in my apartment by 1/1/11. The photo was taken by Patricia Reyes.

Lykke Li – Get Some (Beck Remix)

Above is Beck’s remix, and below is Mike D’s (Beastie Boys) version.

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Hit the jump for the album art and tracklist for Lykke Li’s upcoming album Wounded Rhymes…

Tracklisting for the album will be:

01 Youth Knows No Pain
02 I Follow Rivers
03 Love Out Of Lust
04 Unrequited Love
05 Get Some
06 Rich Kid Blues
07 Sadness Is A Blessing
08 I Know Places
09 Jerome
10 Silent My Song



  • Mic

    Eh, not feeling these remixes, can’t mess with Lykke’s perfection. why do I feel like there should be a pigeon photo shopped at the end of that cigarette butt

  • Nelly Rocks

    Damn that picture making Lykke creep on Ellie Goulding for me. Original is better, but feeling the Beasties remix.

  • lesley

    thanks for the laugh. :D yeah she looks ok in that pic. i like her, think she’s cool. oh yes, i’m not the complaint dept, but it often feels this way. just thought i’d mention this.

  • Confusion

    I couldn’t even mess with this picture. It’s too perfect to ruin with my Paint skills (even though my Paint skills are crrazzzy)

  • Ryan


  • TopBananas

    This is the only remix of Get Some that matters…

  • frogs&helicopters

    where the hell has Beck been …?

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