Video! Kanye West (Ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver) – Monster


The video for Monster just leaked (definitely not the real release, the audio is terrible and there’s random watermarks that pop up) and holy shit Kanye. Now I’m not going to even pretend to “get this,” cause it’s pretty messed up, but at the same time it’s really creative and impressive. It’s definitely going to grab attention and critical praise. Basically you need to see this, but don’t watch if you don’t like dead women and close ups of Kanye’s diamond teeth. Highlights during my first viewing: 1:05 is hilarious, Jay-Z is boring, Ye’s outfit at 3:25 is fucking swag. Nicki Minaj steals the show here in a schizophrenic display starting at around 3:40. She gives herself a lapdance, if that’s something you might be interested in. I’m pretty sure this is NSFW, just the heads up.

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  • MIke Wash

    This is beyond amazing

    best video Kanye has ever done, that’s for damn sure

  • Ptown Hero

    So quality.

  • REsearch

    thats wild

  • Kelli

    Wow. That’s fire.. I like Ye’s first verse with the girls clawing him through the gate. genius.

  • lason

    Hmm…..I’ll reserve judgement until the finished video. It needs a lot of work. Husband said I’m too judgemental.

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