Video! Midnight Spin – Trigger Finger Itch


This is a little more alt-rock than I usually go for, but each time I listen to this song I like it more. “Trigger Finger Itch” has a little bit of a Weezer – “Buddy Holly” feel to it throughout the verses. It’s got the stabbing guitar and hard hitting drums of a rock song but a catchiness about it that makes it all stick. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Here is the premiere of the “Trigger Finger Itch” video, featuring some familiar suspects. Check out more Midnight Spin here and keep up with them on Facebook.

Midnight Spin, a melodic and frenzied guitar rock band from Brooklyn that has been turning heads across the country with their music, videos, and live performances. Formed in 2008, this five piece has, in 2 short years, been named NYC’s Best Emerging Artist of 2009 by the Deli Magazine’s readers, shared the stage with Axl Rose, been featured on TV shows including ESPN’s Baseball Tonight and MTV’s Jersey Shore, and had their debut music video featured on mtvU’s “The Freshmen”.

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  • Gen

    That hook reminds me of “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” actually.

  • Danny

    Good stuff – Tony the Tiger steals it haha

  • George

    Great song, amazing video. Very cool concept.

  • Ralphie

    Great sound

  • Clark

    Great band – they rock especially hard live.

    Been anticipating this video for a while, it did not disappoint!

  • Jason

    Best and most creative video I’ve seen in a long time!

  • Manuel

    I wish there was more rock like this on the radio

  • Ryan

    Love the new video!

  • Stefano

    Nice hats

  • Brian

    Great video. Whoever does this band’s mustaches deserves a raise.

  • Lava

    The blonde chick at 2:34 is a total smokeshow!

  • Josh

    Awesome video and sound. These guys have an infectious sound and have a blast performing. Keep ’em coming!

  • frogs&helicopters

    my roommates watch about 10 hours of espn a day (I log in a solid 2-3 on average haha) and there is SO much shitty music that they integrate into the transition cuts and compilation videos.

    This has been on ESPN (as Con said), and, I actually enjoyed it! IDK if I would bump it in the car, but I’ll give it a go.

    Keep grindin Spinners

  • Marla

    So cool!

  • derrick


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