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Actual Proof-Genius

  When I first came across Actual Proof (Act Proof f0r short, even though it’s not that short) I was a bit skeptical but their production was fantastic. Come to realize they are backed by the... Read more »

SomeWhere Else – Strictly Invitation Ft. brandUn DeShay

SomeWhere Else went and changed up their sound for this latest one and they got DeShay in on it! Instead of the heavy, layered sound that we’re used to, “Strictly Invitation” gives us a smoother look... Read more »

The Five One – “Closing Time”

The original “Closing Time” came out in I wanna say 1997 or 98. It was a number one rock record for that year and still to this day is played on many alternative rock stations. Even... Read more »

The Kills – Satellite (Stream)

First Fleet Foxes, now The Kills. Midnight Boom was one of my favorite albums of 2008, so I’m definitely hoping Blood Pressures is on par. Here’s the first listen. “Satellite” is the first song the band... Read more »

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

These Fleet Fox hippies sound as good as ever. Here’s a taste of Fleet Foxes‘ upcoming album Helplessness Blues, out May 2nd on Sub Pop. This will be their first album since their 2008 debut. Listen... Read more »

Foxtrot Zulu – Front Porch (Live)

I think it’s important to always keep a handful of songs in your back pocket that can pull you through tough times. Some of them are probably the same songs that have helped millions of other... Read more »

Mancini and the Creepers – Bricks and Dust

I don’t even know what to say about this. Definitely one of the most eclectic combinations of sounds I’ve heard in a while. I think I like it, but I’m still unsure about it. It’s like... Read more »

New! Wiz Khalifa Ft. Too Short – “On My Level”

First came the video, now here’s the CDQ mp3 of Khalifa’s “On My Level” featuring Too Short. *Rolling Papers* drops March 29th. Credit to (Free) OnSmash. Wiz Khalifa Ft. Too Short – “On My Level” |... Read more »

Bag Raiders (Ft. Dan Black) – Sunlight

I’ve been on the synth-pop duo Bag Raiders since they had a couple releases on A-Trak‘s label, Fool’s Gold`. They are great light synth-based dance music. This one’s a little too pop-oriented to throw on Dance... Read more »

Mash Up! D.veloped – Stereo Drugs (Memory Loss Edit)

“Stereo Love” vs. “Forgot About Dre“. Next up, “Natural Born Killaz” over “Walking On Sunshine”. Happy Saturday. Check out more from D.veloped at his/her(?) Soundcloud. Thanks to Rahul for the heads up. D.veloped – Stereo Drugs... Read more »

New! J Slugz Da GeNeRaL – “Materialistic”

Here’s the latest single from J Slugz Da GeNeRaL called “Materialistic”, produced by Niki. This is the 1st single off of his upcoming mixtape titled *F.ast L.ife Y.ung N.igga*. Check it out below! J-Slugz – “Materialistic”... Read more »

XV – SmallVille (Prod. J.Cole)

XV and J.Cole. Thanks to Justin, who spotted this on Cole’s Twitter, for the heads up. Oh, and happy 25th birthday to J.Cole! DOWNLOAD: XV – SmallVille (Prod. J.Cole) | Mediafire Related: XV – H.A.M. (Heroes... Read more »

Mash Up! Daft Beatles – Gimme Shelter in the Deep (Adele vs. The Rolling Stones)

Still getting over this flu, and the fact that my neighbor is cooking up the most foul smelling shit ever is not helping. I can barely breathe out of my nose and this smell is enough... Read more »

Moruf – “Cannon”

I stumbled across Moruf while scrolling through The Madbury Club and was thoroughly impressed by the vernacular fortitude of this young MC from Jersey. I downloaded his mixtape Garden State of Mind:Ready To Live and proceeded... Read more »

e-dubble – Robots Can’t Drink

Well damn. 53 free tracks over the past year, and e-dubble is going out with a bang on this final cut from the Freestyle Friday series. He’s been steadily supplying sharp production, witty lyrics and fiery... Read more »