Auditorium – I’m The Enforcer


The press release for this guy was pretty crazy. Auditorium, which is the solo project of an L.A. artist named Spencer Berger, was basically pushed as “musical genius.” However, hidden in the over the top and semi-delusional ranting was a phrase that classified Auditorium as “glam-folk,” and that had me hooked enough to listen, and I really liked it. I wouldn’t quite classify Auditorium is genius, but this reminds of something in between Bon Iver and Diamond Rings with something else I can’t place right now thrown in, really good stuff. Check it out below, and grab his album Be Brave which came out last week.

Auditorium – I’m The Enforcer

  • hbomb

    sounds like oldies

  • Owen

    Strangely enough something about this song just screams to me to “side project of a famous musician who isnt acknowledging who they actually are” Who it is i couldnt tell you but I feel like I recognize this person’s voice from somewhere or some listen. Im fairly certain I enjoy it in anycase.

  • ChiefOpenWindow

    yeah, publicists gotta play the crazy ol’ hype game. except every now and again there’s an exception…like this. because I’ll be damned if there ain’t at least a morsel or two of genius going on here. I just played that ditty nine times in a row. that melody must be laced with crack.

    @owen: interesting idea. but who?????

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