Jai Paul – BTSTU


I tried to do some research on Jai Paul, but I realized he’s somewhat of an enigma. He’s a 22 year old, of Indian descent, from London, and self-producing his XL album to be released in 2011.  AsianDan said: “He is one part Prince, one part D’Angelo mixed with heavy doses of Diplo and Madlib.”

“BTSTU” is hazy and weighty and shows off unrestrained level of creativity and originality. The song has been out since mid-2010, but it’s my first taste of Jai Paul and I’m really excited to hear more from him in 2011. Very cool stuff, check it out below.

  • Ivan

    this song is amazing, i decided to go in on it. Nothing good but the production was so hot i had to try :P


  • bball22ok

    This guy is so good. Some of his beats, that were on myspace a while back, were ridiculous. Im expecting big things

  • GR

    whoooo! Good find, I’ll def check this guy out!

  • Noory

    such a dope beat..
    can’t wait to hear more from this dude

  • frogs&helicopters

    this is real solid. ^ can’t wait for more

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