Ke$ha – Sleazy ft. Andre 3000 (Remix)


2011 just took a turn for the worse. I’m a firm believer that artists should be able to do what they want. If you don’t like it, don’t listen, but calling people “sell outs” and criticizing the new directions they take is just obnoxious. That being said, everything has a limit and everyone has a breaking point. 3 Stacks on a Ke$ha remix? Please, Andre! The people deserve better than this. Credit to Rap-Up.

He actually sounds pretty good over this production, but I can’t listen to Ke$ha. I just can’t. If Andre 3000 was putting out a steady stream of music I wouldn’t really care about this remix. Sweep it under the rug and forget about it. But he’s not, and fans like me get excited for a new Andre verse. It’s torturous to have it be part of a Ke$ha song. It’s like if 2Pac came back from Cuba to record only one verse, and that verse was tailor made for Justin Bieber’s latest twinkle-hit. That’s just my opinion though. Maybe you like Ke$ha, so here you go – celebrate it. I’m gonna go cut someone.

  • Mic

    yeah, I have to agree. Can’t stand kesha and her tacky singing. andre can do better

  • Sapphic Owl

    “It’s like if 2Pac came back from Cuba to record only one verse”.

  • XHankX

    that verse is way to good for some dumb Ke$ha song

  • Tony Ellz

    Well, at least the beat is hot and Andre’s always on point. That ke$ha bitch needs to die though.

  • great 8

    not a huge kesha fan but damn… andre killed this song. he’s got an album coming and I cant wait

  • cooklyn

    haha love the post

  • Max

    Skratch Bastid just did a pretty nifty remix that removes most of Ke$ha’s part. Listen to it and download it here ->

  • Twi
  • Jim

    I do like Kesha. I think her voice is sexy. This song is hot.

  • hip hop music download sites

    Great job on this one. Always support. Salute.

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