MNDR – Cut Me Out


Green Label Sound is killing it. While most of us sit around and talk about who’s “gonna be big this year/next year” they go out, find these people, and make songs with them. Green Label Sound is Mountain Dew’s label, and I don’t know how they transferred their skills from soda to music, but it worked (you listening, Orangina?). Last week we got a track from Freelance Whales. Today it’s MNDR‘s turn to get Green Labeled.

MNDR, a.k.a. Amanda Warner, explodes into the Green Label Sound family with this electronic-pop single, “Cut Me Out.” With the help of her producer and co-writer Peter Wade, MNDR crafted an infectious track, sure to get your pulse rising, your heart racing and your body headed for the dancefloor. Get your party started by downloading “Cut Me Out” for free right now.

Hit the jump to stream/download the track…

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  • management

    GLS are geniuses whoever runs it. last year they were showcasing Theo London at SXSW…THEO!! aaagggh i love them…and Mountain Dew Baja Blast..sadly it’s only sold at Taco listening MD??

  • gilbert glump

    con i’m gonna race you to see who bags the girl first. i’m gunning for miss mndr. you go for lykke li. sound good? k, go.

  • sugrbeet

    Gotta MNDR. Pop, Jazz, or Classic. Real music person and she does it her way. Oh yes, fun to dance to also. More to come. my bet.

  • dynamicproducer

    Wow Mountain Dew moving from soda to music? MNDR i must admit actually is pretty good considering this isn’t my preferable sound. I do enjoy her unique voice.

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