Video! Lil B Explains Based Music


MTV’s show The Vice Guide To Everything meets up with Lil B to talk about what, exactly, the fuck he is doing. Whoop! Swag! Cook! Knife! Shake! Whoop!

I’m not sure I’d call “based music” a genre, because I don’t think anyone other than Lil B could really do it and be taken seriously. Try to make a Lil B song and you’ll probably look like an asshole. I know because I’ve tried many, many times (I was close with “I’m Tanya Harding”). After each one, I’d look at myself, and sure enough, I looked like an asshole.

Whether or not you like Lil B, understand Lil B, or think what Lil B is doing has any value, it’s hard not to at least pay attention to him. Personally, I think he’s one of the most interesting artists out. He’s a digital marketing master, and he probably doesn’t even know it (or maybe he does, which would make him even more of a genius). If I just heard one Lil B song and knew nothing else about him, I probably would skip over it pretty quickly without giving it much thought. But once the idea of Lil B sinks in, it’s hard not to form an opinion. For most people, it’s an opinion of either love or hate, which is far better than one of indifference. Being remarkable in the music industry is not easy these days.

Personally, I am glad that Lil B exists. I think he is #rare, very #based, and we are all #blessed for his presence. I would never want all hip-hop to turn into Lil B’s music, but I think there’s room for variety. Some people act like one artist comes out and suddenly a whole genre is bound to go down that path. Music, more than ever, is fragmented into too many genres and sub-genres to name, and the days of an entire genre being dominated by one sound is coming to an end. J.Cole isn’t “saving” hip-hop, and Soulja Boy is not “ruining” hip-hop. Hip-hop is just growing and spreading out like branches on a tree. Decide for yourself what you like and what you don’t like, but don’t worry about some extreme sound (either positive or negative) taking the world over. There is room for both Soulja Boy and J.Cole, Lil B and Talib Kweli, Waka Flocka Flame and Theophilus London. Right?

I’m gonna go practice some cooking, throw up a shoutout to Lil B on Twitter and hope he RTs me, and maybe work on creating some more based music.

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  • tk8SIX3

    Lil B is a dumb mother f**ker but he’s probably also one of the smartest rappers alive. Lil B has a solid following of admirers and fans whom he connects with personally via twitter, youtube, and even facebook. He says and does whatever he wants to which can lead to some junk but it can also lead to occasional stokes of brilliance. Lil B might never become a mainstream rapper but his influence on the entire rap culture will be huge.

  • sTuckBeats

    LOL i just gained so much respect for Lil B

  • M

    hahaha he’s just having fun and living by the rule get money fuck bitches…and some twittering ;)

  • dj lil’ elle

    i used this video to explain lil’ b to the boyfriend. i think i just confused him more.

  • Mic

    I think Con posted this clip just so Lil B wouldn’t fuck him in the ass. Right?

  • HDO

    So what, he’s Wesley Willis?

  • Drunk Rabbit.

    I tried to explain the genius of Lil’ B to a friend and he got angry and tried to delete him from my iTunes. i think this video does a solid job of showing why he is so awesome. He is just himself to the extreme. also he might be Paris Hilton

  • inlivincolor

    aren’t we all just buying into the hype (which the complex network seems intent on promoting)

  • Confusion

    What’s that supposed to mean? You think there’s some kind of conspiracy and Complex has some kind of stake in Lil B? Most outlets that deal with hip-hop are covering Lil B. It’s hard to ignore what he’s doing.

  • #BASED


  • management

    how can people hate on this? you can say he sucks all you want… but music is a form of entertainment and Brandon is def entertainment

    you can’t listen to him and not laugh at the lines he says.. just dumb random stuff

    great post cons

  • management
  • Confusion

    Good look!

    Once I talked to Lil B on GChat. Then he started ignoring me and I said “If Lil B doesn’t acknowledge me on GChat…”

    He LOLed.

  • TC

    Is it me or does Lil B look exactly like a combination of Bill Gates and the little fat kid from Modern Family?

  • Liz

    omfg I am fuckin dying of laughter over here after watching that shit.

    I just dont fuckin get it. Def a marketing genius though.

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  • Natezra2

    funny thought, many ‘genius’ artist of the 20th century did heroin and free based that shit to prolly, heroin is also the most addictive drug and this kid made a dance thats called cooking and its done in a way that looks like hes about to tie the knot and shoot up, lol

    cant deny what people tho

  • kyle

    i had no idea who this guy was forever and just ignored what he was doing.

    not going to lie, kinda love what hes doing. and the fact he may truly be miley cyrus.

  • JP

    Lol what a joke. Just because someones doing something different doesn’t make them talented or intelligent. And just because 1000’s of teenage idiot girls listen to him doesn’t make him good either. Theres a distinct difference between catchy and good. If you want some weird shit with real talent, try out some Dr. Dooom or any other Kool Kieth project.

  • http://lajsdlkajsdf Ivan

    this shit is just terrible. just terrible

  • Objekt

    The only reason people like lil’ b is cuz people like lil’ b.

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  • Brooklyn Monarch

    Confusion is a moron.

  • Brooklyn Monarch

    More like Plan B, emergency contraception. Prevent this shit from multiplying, I demand it.

  • PeteyGLaFlare

    lol your stupid af

  • PeteyGLaFlare

    lil b is the only real hip hop out

  • PeteyGLaFlare

    People always compare The Based God to Tupac, I mean he’s great and all but he’s no Lil B

  • da Boss

    Little B fucking sucks, his music is shit. Wtf?! Why do people like him? The writer of this article boosted him to shit. #”based”musicsucks

  • da Boss


  • da Boss

    u better be playing, if u actually think lil B is better than pac lol, you’ve lost it

  • da Boss

    his music is still absolute garbage, have you heard katey perry? that is fucking terrible

  • da Boss

    based music is shit, lil b is shit, he looks like a trap head soulja boy on crack

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