An Email About Ke$ha, From A 10 Year Old Girl


This is an email from my friend’s daughter. Coolest kid out. She heard I didn’t like Ke$ha, so she wrote me this strongly worded letter. I’m still not a Ke$ha fan, but this is good stuff right here and I told her I’d post it up. Shoutout to Bugga, shoutout to Kayla.

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Dear Mr.Jacob,

The reson im giving you this strongly worded letter is because of Ke$ha!!! I am very dissappointed to hear from a source ( im mad at the source too ) that you dont enjoy Ke$ha (very dissappointed) !!! So i will try in the best of my abbilities to get you to like Ke$ha!!!!! FIRSTLY: Ke$ha`s song `We R Who We R` supports the issue of teenage suicide because its a very big issue basically its saying you are who you are made to be if you would like to enjoy this video on youtube you can click on the link -> !! SECONDLY : she is very self confident and she doesnt care what other people think about her she is just herself !!!  THIRDLY: she is a VERY good singer FOURTHLY: her vidoes just show her being herself and doing it freely FITHLY : she is very pretty !!!!   YOU JUST GOT POWENED BY A KE$HA LOVING TEN YEAR OLD GIRL HAHA !!!!!!!!!
Sincerly ,

Dear Ms. Kayla,

Thank you for the letter. Except that last sentence. That was rude, and I will get you back for that. Watch your back. You made some good points, although I have to disagree with you on points THREE and FIVE. While some people may enjoy Ke$ha’s voice, personally it makes me want to clog my ears with silly putty to stop the sound from getting in. Also, to point FIVE, I think that there are other singers who are much more beautiful (like, I don’t know, Lykke Li, for example), but we shouldn’t be judging female musicians based on their looks. This just perpetuates the objectification of women in pop culture. If you don’t get what I mean, ask your mom to explain that one. Next time I see you, we can have a Ke$ha listening party and I’ll give her another shot.



PS – Your use of parentheses is on point! I didn’t master the parentheses until I was like 19. You should start a blog.

PPS – I think It’s awesome that you are this passionate about the music you like.

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  • Verbatum Jones

    Man parenthetical are the way to go! It’s great to see fans try to support who they love in a polite nicely worded email. lol

  • byahbyah

    tell her kesha can get fucked and thats about it.

  • Bugga

    i think that’s the best email/post i’ve seen on the blog yet….way to go ms. kayla!

  • Kayla


  • Confusion

    Hah come on, really @byahbyah? To me, this post was more of an example of an early passion for music that is so much more honest than what we music spazzes usually argue about. Kesha will never be my thing, but that’s not the point. You see how strongly Kayla feels about Kesha? That’s cool. She made a point of getting my email address and sending me this carefully crafted email, just because she heard I didn’t like Kesha.

    I thought it was cool, and Kayla can like whatever she wants to like. Keep in mind, she’s a 10 year old girl. When I was 10 I think I was still learning how to walk and spitting up on myself.

  • Alex Sharkey

    This is sooooooooooo cute! Hahaha awwwww! Enjoy the kesha listening party. And Jacob (was wondering what your name actually is), you’re a sweetheart.

    Thank you for posting this. I agree about the greatness of a love for music at a young age. This definitely brightened my rainy day going on in LA right now. :)

  • sTuckBeats


    girl reminds me exactly of my friends girlfriends little sister.
    she belongs on Kids Say The Darndest Things.

  • Alec

    fantastic post. those kinds of email posts and the absolute passion of it are the exact reasons anybody follows this blog. Love for the music. well done sir and mademoiselle

  • CK

    This is cute as shit, but kesha has a major case of the manface (not that you should tell the 10-year-old that)

  • CK

    “I’m a definitely digging Kesha’s style, attitude & music!”
    is that you Con???

  • Confusion

    @CK huh?

  • CK
  • Confusion

    Hahah I didn’t post that. It was an old contributor, when the account was deleted it got attributed to me by default. I promise I didn’t post that one! Come on, I never type “w/”, “@”, or “&”.

  • CK

    haha, dont worry, i believe you Con

  • Confusion

    Ugh, I’m gonna have to go back to all those old posts from contributors and write “CONFUSION DID NOT WRITE THIS”. I didn’t think anyone looked at posts that old.

  • Chris

    this just made me “awwww” out loud…not a ke$ha fan but I can see why people like her…her backbeats are mostly on point and energetic…too funny tho

  • CK

    The only reason I looked at all of the posts tagged Kesha is because you said you didn’t like her, so I was curious to see if you’d ever posted about her before.

  • j

    Fact you even posted this is all the proof i would need about why i read this blog maniacally.

  • candi

    She spelled “pwned” wrong..

  • nadia

    aww that’s so cute(:

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