Atmosphere – Just For Show


Here’s “Just For Show” (stream only), the first track off Atmosphere‘s upcoming The Family Sign, out April 12. I’m with Shake, this is one my most anticipated albums of the year. A year is just not complete without a proper album from Sluggo and Ant. To the Atmosphere fans – what’s your favorite Atmosphere album ever?

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Atmosphere – Just For Show by rhymesayers

  • Chopz

    I started off with God Loves Ugly and it’s stuck with me since then. No matter what year it is, Atmosphere always puts out classics. Can’t wait for my signed copy of The Family Sign.

  • mashix

    Easy. Lucy Ford. Of course it was the first Atmosphere album I ever heard but it’s still my favorite. One of my favorite albums from anyone still. All the songs just really fit together.


    Sounding solid, which isn’t by any means a surprise.

    Seven’s Travels was the first record I ever had from Atmosphere and remains my favorite.

  • Kelli

    Can’t pick a fave! I have the cover of Headshots Se7en tattooed on me…but Overcast! was my first love… They are all amazing. I really like their sad clown series too…can’t wait till May to see Atmosphere and Aesop in Berkeley..

  • Confusion

    Damn different albums in every response. I love artists that can pull that off.

    Atmosphere and Aesop together would be a sick show.

  • BigMoneyXXL

    God Loves Ugly, nothing else is like it

  • zenlizzie

    God Loves Ugly!

  • CK

    Haha, I will continue that trend, although I’ve really loved other parts of other Atmosphere albums, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold has been my favorite all-around album of Atmosphere’s. Does that make me a bad fan for liking more recent stuff?

  • Chopz

    @CK It’s all good man. I like their WLGYLYPTSG simply for the fact that many of the tracks, if not all, were produced through the use live instruments rather than traditional sampling. Slug and Ant really adapt to their medium, but keep their style that we all respect them for.

  • Confusion

    Not at all that was a great album.

  • Confusion

    “Puppets” was sick.

  • Drunk Rabbit.

    God Loves Ugly was a masterpiece, an underground epic but lucy ford will always have a place in my heart

  • rojogrande

    You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having got me through college. Pour Me Another, Smart Went Crazy, The Arrival, Say Hey There.

  • Andy

    Love Atmosphere, not digging this song at all though.

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