Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said


New Lupe Fiasco. He gets bold on this one, definitely a step away from The Show Goes On. He spits unapologetically on politics, religion & drugs but Alex Da Kid & Skylar Grey help keep a pretty melodically pleasant facade to the serious subject matter. In my opinion, Lasers is shaping up to be a phenomenal album.

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  • Brooks

    And he delivers. Like always. Best rapper alive

  • Derek

    Of course, it’s shaping up to be a phenomenal album.

    I wouldn’t expect anything less from Lupe.

  • Matt C

    this is like im tech politics. I love seeing this shit show up in the mainstream, and lupe does it sooooo welllllll

  • Tony Mon

    That third verse is amazing

  • Jerome

    Lupe is a lyrical nightmare, he’s Kanye minus the bullshit, Wayne minus the hype and Jay-Z minus years (and Dame). Surprisingly enough the shock for me wasn’t/isn’t the rap, Lupe has never disappointed in that department, it’s the hook that stands out as a major plus in my opinion, Skylar Grey sounds so soulful and raw, it really gives the song a purpose.

    Check mark Lupe! QED.

  • Liz

    OMG I am so effin excited for LASERS! =)

  • sophie

    wow .. beyond amazing

  • SK

    Lupe for president 2012

  • Muggs
  • GR

    Sounds like if Lupe Fiasco hit Linkin Park with a metal bat. Or, scratch that. That’s exactly what’s going on here. Niice song.

  • anon

    fcking realest major to hit blog posts in a long while

  • Angel

    Sounds like Dre’s “I Need A Doctor”

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