New! Lil’ Wayne – “Green & Yellow”


Wayne decided to let everybody know who he’s rolling with for this years Superbowl. He also decided to do it over Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow” instrumental.

Lil’ Wayne – “Green & Yellow” | Mediafire

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  • Rob

    Wayne is a poser. Packers are going downnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Rob

    Ok, just listened to the song. I don’t understand why Wayne is all on the Packers’ dicks, but it’s a very clever song. The only thing is that Wayne has seemingly denounced the Saints, and he now claims the Packers as “his team.” Bandwagon much? They say he’s too fake.

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  • Travis


    Seriously? Bandwagon? The Packers are the epitome of Football. The only one owned by its fans, not some rich douche that can move his team across the nation whenever he feels. Packers are an amazing team…on and off the field. They are a team of heart and have been for 90 yrs. Not just check cashers like most teams these days.

    No flash, all class!

    See you here on Monday!

  • brandon

    Im all for the packers doing work on sunday, steelers are garbage but so is this song. This is weak wheezy. Might have made it better if he didn’t have to go cop off another song. If he’s gonna represent he’s gotta make it his own track. Otherwise shits just weak

  • Jordan

    Rob, your a cunt. Weezy is an accomplished artist, why do you think he makes hundreds of millions? Oh, because he can rap. I bet you make what, 40 grand a year? You can suck my dick when the Packers beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

  • Pasquale

    Lil’ Wayne is an absolute favorite of mine and he can obviously rap, no question. But this song is nothing. Probably took 20 minutes and it is half asses. What make’s Black & Yellow about the Steeler’s other than the obvious color reference is Wiz’ born n’ bred Pittsburgh pride … name one other time you heard Wayne mention the Packers (and don’t drop any retarded obscure references) Wiz and Wayne are in the studio together now so there is obviously no real tension or feud and this song will just become another joke on Monday morning – don’t you worry @Brandon & @Jordan … keep it real haters! Go Steelers!

  • BigMoneyXXL

    Lil Wayne is backkkkkk.
    Also, Pack are going to win

  • Rob

    @ Travis

    Bandwagon is a term used to describe a person(sports fan) who suddenly starts rooting for a team that is doing exceptionally well(like the Packers). It doesn’t have anything to do with the Packers franchise. I actually think it’s pretty cool that the Packers are publicly owned. However, most teams are not owned “by rich douches that can move their team across the nation whenever he feels like it.” The NFL doesn’t allow teams to move freely; it has to be approved by the league(There would probably be a team in LA already, if owners could move whenever they feel like it.).It has everything to do with Wayne being a well-known SAINTS fan. If he made a song for the Steelers, he would be a bandwagon fan as well. Hope this clears things up for you.

    Here is a Lil Wayne lyric from “Put me In the Game”:

    “Uhh I am a New Orleans Saint, and to the Houston Texans I’d like to say thanks
    Reggie Bush baby!, Reggie Bush baby! Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Sean Peyton
    I’m relentless, I’m offensive, I’m expensive, like tom benson
    Super dome is goin down it’s high time boy”

    @ Jordan (the buttlicker)

    You must be really smart. Can you tell me more stuff so I can be smart like you? Lil Wayne is a millionaire? I would have never guessed it from some of his lyrics like “Thank god I’m a millionaire.” I was not disrespecting his music skills. I was criticizing Lil Wayne for dick hopping onto another football team. Similar to how you, Jordan, hop from dick to dick of other boys/men.

  • Kyle

    I think people are taking this song way to seriously. Relax. Its fun, its funny.

  • Jerome

    The “Ike Taylor” line was my highlight, Wayne a Packers fan, and not a Saints fan, a lowlight.

  • Daniel

    It doesn’t even matter to me what team he’s going for, the song itself was corny as fuck.

  • draketw


  • Robert

    Dude has been a packer fan for a while, check out the article….Hope this clears things up for you

  • musicisamonster

    I agree with Pasquale, this sounds very quickly put together and I dont doubt the length of time it took to make the track was around 20 minutes, he probably even used the mic from iPhone headphones to record it seeing as the vocal audio isn’t the best

  • http://facebook Jill

    Lil Wayne needs to go back to jail for this one….AWFUL, sounds like a constipated munchkin!

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  • dynamicproducer

    It’s not bad, but I’d rather have him on a whole new track. It’s cool that he’s representing though.

  • goPACKgo

    Your all stupid, the packers are going to win, stop being bitter bears fans and grow some balls. <3 YEAH, AIIIGHT YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS, GREEN N YELLOW GREEN N YELLOW.

  • TM101 Radio

    IF the saints was in the Superbowl this song wouldve been different..Weezy just made this track for publicity..

  • callie

    I live in green bay and weezy has been at almost every game this season. he owns a home in green bay and has proclaimed his love for the packers many times.

    go pack

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  • sandy

    taken this a bit too seriously guys…He was probably just playing around…and I think the Steelers are goin to win but everyone has their own opinion..this is his…I would perfer a different team but out of the 2 that are playing i like the steelers better..that is probably what happened with the Saints thing since they are not playing he had to pick one of the two…I’m just saying..

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